Friday, 30 December 2011

Nearing the end...

..of 2011. And so I have taken down the tree and decorations and we are sliding back to normality - I've got Mr Sheen out and we are getting rid of some dust bunnies together. I managed to move one of the dressers (thankfully we have wooden floors which makes this easier than trying to move stuff on a carpet) and got the cobwebbie things out of the way, although I think it was a case of accumulated dust bunnies rather than cobwebs - there were no 8 legged things hiding behind it!

We're getting our bedroom organised, with the influx of RAF kit, one wardrobe is now not enough so Brian can have his and I will have mine (the new one!), also a new set of drawers for the boys room, they have a wardrobe but it is really a waste of space seeing what is hanging up will quite easily fit into a set of drawers.  Also got another little set of drawers, to go under the stairs, this is for my Guide paperwork (didn't realise the "job" came with so much) and for Brian's Air Cadet papers, as at the moment, it is in various parts of the house.

Then we have the craft de-stash.  I have sorted through my Sizzix dies and some of these are now in the land of eBay, I've been going through the books as well and have a few of these, put a couple on Amazon and now waiting for a free listing day which is usually around this time after Christmas.  I can't yet part with my Chatterbox books, they have gone back on the shelf (as have a couple of other books that aren't going anywhere just yet!).

On the car front, the other side have settled although the poor Lancia came off the worse for wear and so Brian has gone to collect our belongings and William (you have to give your car a name) has gone off to be scrapped.  The damage caused by the other driver was too much for repair, not helped by the fact that the Lancia is no longer made.  We have got a replacement (thanks to my mum) and have got a 7-seater Zafira.  I drove it home after depositing the hire car back to the hire car company and it is a really nice drive, very comfy seats which I need otherwise my back will go off on one.  So a thanks to Wootton Motor Company for having one available.  We've call the car Pezer (Pizza!), I told you you had to give your car a name :)

Now my coffee break is over, time to get back to getting rid of the remaining dust bunnies and make a start on my 'it is tidy really' craft space.  If I can get the craft books rehomed I will have a space that I can refill :) you have to look on the bright side of things.

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