Saturday, 17 December 2011


This isn't much of a creative post, in that I haven't made anything to show you as yet - got a tag happening but today has been an out of sorts one.

Last night had a great catch up with Allison and Nick, both super peeps and very busy and if you love rock photography I am going to blatantly pimp Nick!  I fear that the hazelnut chocolate wafers that came with them are no more ;)

Today is out of sorts as our Lancia Dedra has been smashed in the front.  Brian was off on his way to Swaffham when he slowed down due to the road conditions but got smacked in the front and so the car is now at recovery to be taken off to a garage.  Repairable, we think not!!!  Brian came out ok, albeit with some aches, will see how he is tomorrow.  And, so, this means that tomorrow I won't be going to the panto :(  but thankfully Genny is able to go, as there is space in a car that is taking some of the other Guides that are off to panto land.  And I have to thank my unit helper Katy for taking Genny along.

Some good things for today, doors and windows shut and Genny finds a dragonfly on our windowsill, how cool is that!


And, finally, working at the seaside has its benefits :) went to lunch on Thursday with some of the girls and this is what I have for scenery on the walk back to the office :)

Now, got to wait for the hire car for Monday so I can get to work for the rest of the week and then see what is going to happen to William the Dedra.  Ho Hum!

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