Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ciao 2011

We are seeing 2011 out with the acquisition of some more girls (aka chickens).  Popped out today to Roughton and the intention was to get some Marans and Light Sussex.  We came home with two Cuckoo Marans and two Orpingtons!  They are in the 'old' coup settling in and we will introduce the older girlies to them over the next few days.

The two cuckoo marans.  One is Morgan's - the red head - and he has given her the name of Speckles and mine is Sheila.

And the two orpingtons, MC has been claimed by Ben and Genny has called her girl Clover.  You can tell which one is Clover if you see her, she has a toe less on one foot.  They are very fluffy and are now tucked up in their new home.

There was some clucking from ours and peering through the chicken run fence at the new girls but I think that they will be fine now they have had a good look at each other.  We'll see how they get on tomorrow!

Just a few hours left and we are into 2012.  Who knows what it will bring but we have a list of things to do! 

Decluttering the house
Destashing - although I have made a start with getting things onto eBay
I have an Open University course that starts Feb - looking forward to it.
Reducing our BMIs... losing a few pounds (about 24 of them for me).
Work on The Scraporium
Enjoy life!

I hope you realise some, if not all, of your dreams for 2012.
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars

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