Monday, 26 December 2011


We had roast gammon yesterday for Christmas dinner with these green beauties, nothing like a fresh sprout or two, and some yorkshire puddings, freshly made with fresh eggs from the chooks, or rather chook as, despite having four chickens, they are being a bit lax on the laying of eggs, the browns seem to have gone on strike and so the bluebelles are taking it in turns.  

We had a late tea, gammon and/or roast pork sandwiches, followed by the Christmas pudding, and then it was time for Dr Who and as there was nowt on after the Dr that we wanted to watch, we cracked open the latest Transformers DVD which those of us that watched it totally enjoyed- not the same without Megan but at least my fave was still in it (Josh!).  Caught the end of Michael McIntyre and then watched him (creasing up several times) until staggering up to bed (not full of alcohol just knackered) to fall into zzzzzzz land.

And here are the munchkins with some of their wares, not sure what Ben is holding up I think it is a Ben10 thing and Genny is now quite adept at using her curling tongs.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the season, come tomorrow we embark on a car hunt  (thanks to my mum for the super, gratefully received, love you forever help with this) to replace William. May you have a super 2012.

I'll get back to my Tanquery, liquid seems to digest better than solids at the moment and doesn't need to use cutlery ;)

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