Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What's been going on....

It has been a busy few days. We had a table at the Fakenham High School craft fair, it was a slow day but we managed to sell enough to pay for the table, although £18 we felt was a bit much as we had to sell lots to cover it, but thankfully we had some people who liked what me and MIL make! Next year though, we are going to ask to be in the hall rather than the gym as we felt people didn't quite make it to our part of the building.

That was the last fair we are doing for this year, although I have one in a couple of weeks at the Briston Sports & Social, doing some fundraising for the Guide unit, so, hopefully that will do well. I have bags of reindeer pooh and snowman pooh to make as well as candy cane mice. I also have made some little notebooks and have a list of other bits and bobs to make. As Brian is away next week on his officer training week, I've taken the week off work and will be having little production lines, well that is the plan :)

Zumba, well I do believe that last night I managed to get my trainers to coordinate my legs, although the arms are not very well coordinated, I can't as yet do legs and arms.  I have Zumba on the Wii so hopefully my plan will come to fruition and I will Zumba every day in the living room.  Some of the moves are going to be different to the ones Sara has but it is all fun and I can certainly feel some bits of me toning up.  It would be great if she could do a Friday class closer to home, as our weeks are filled with Air Cadets and Guides I only have two days during the week to go to classes, Tuesday and Friday, although I guess during term time I can get out on the Thursday night too. 

My Stampin' Up page will be back up and running soon, just doing some bits n bobs and will start a stampers 10 in the new year.  If you want to peruse the catalogue in the meantime, just click the picture below.
Guides tomorrow, so off to do some planning, we are having a quiet evening as there is a local election for the Parish Council and we need to be quiet, I am getting the craft stuff out and we will be playing with potatoes (aka potato printing).  We can do two things at once, do some craft and what the girls do can count towards the craft badge, we don't want to waste the evening now do we :)

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