Friday, 25 November 2011

A week off...

I've had a week off work, Brian has been at RAF Cranwell on his Officer's Initial Course (OIC) for the RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) which has resulted in him now being able to remove his white cadet officer tabs, get blue pilot officer ones and also have a fitting for an officer's uniform.  It's not been an easy road, he has had interviews and this week was the week that makes or breaks.  Happily, the champers is chilling ready for when he comes home on Sunday.

My week off, I've got a few things done that I wanted to get out of the way, clearing out the outhouse and finding not just a couple of demijohns but twenty of the things.  Wine making is no longer on the itinerary and so they are needing a new home (along with some bits and bobs that go with them).

I have been making candy cane mice, the end is in sight!  There must be 80 or so of them, some done and as some still in progress.  The reason for making these are to sell them at a craft fair in a couple of weeks at the Briston Sports & Social (10th December, 3pm - 6pm) and raise some funds for my Guide unit.  I have lots of things I would like to offer the girls but these things need funds.  I have other things as well as the mice and if they all get sold on the day, I'll be a happy bunny.

On the subject of Guides, we had two guests this week and look what the girls made (a lot more of them, these are two of Genny's - she ate one!)  gingerbread tree decorations.  Thanks go to Tina and Mark from The Blakeney Hotel.  The Guides were totally impressed and had a whale of a time, hopefully some will last until Christmas.

While I have been home, I have been pondering on whether Etsy is the place to be in respect of my cards, I'm getting the 'views' and cards are going into peoples' favourites but not into their shopping basket, which was the plan for joining Etsy!!  So, I am having a rethink and might make a separate page here on my blog.  As I will be doing a lot more craft fairs next year, I will tie it in with that (I think!), just need some more time to work on the plan :).

On another crafting front.  More products are coming into The Scraporium, I have some products from Crafter's Companion - I love the Core'dinations cardstock.  As the shop grows then so will the products - can't really do one without the other :)
Finally, you may see a link over on the right for Stampin' Up.  My SU page will be back up and running in the new year :) I'm looking forward to getting some workshops going, have some interest in some stamping clubs and so will get this up and running in a bigger way in 2012.

Oh, and look, Soo has been playing with nesties, I've been, in between everything else I have done today, been cutting out butterflies, will do something with them at the weekend with any luck as I have a plan in my head that needs to work its way out onto paper.  Home alone with all three children, I am not sure if I am going to get the chance :) 

All in all, a good week, do I have to go back to work on Monday!

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