Wednesday, 2 November 2011


....I have a craft desk under this lot.

I have been working on it since Monday, working on tidying it up and putting away the class kits etc from ATDML that I came home with from the weekend that is and, as can be seen, I am not getting very far!!  I'll keep plodding on though and eventually it will be nice and tidy but then it doesn't take long to make it messy, so, maybe I should just leave it {as if that will happen}.

The chooks are going to be happy.  Their current home is not winter proof, is a pain to clean being wooden and so we are treating them to new quarters. We are getting them an Eglu (from  I've gone for purple - the come in different colours including pink.

This girly is going through the molt - feathers everywhere and she is looking scruffy, but, once she is back to her usual feathery self, she will look superb again.  Then next year, she can have some more feathery friends as the Eglu can house up to 10 and we only have 4 :)

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