Sunday, 20 November 2011

RAF & a week's holiday

Today, Brian has taken the train to RAF Cranwell, leaving from Norwich station at lunchtime for the 3 changes journey.  I took the opportunity to head over the road to Hobbycraft.  I cant't say that I was that impressed on with things that I wanted to buy there and then so I came out with just a paper pad for me - one that has die cuts in it for decoupage - and some bits for MIL for Christmas.  We've Been here for four years and this was my first trip to the station!  I would have meandered longer but had to get back home to relieve MIL of babysitting duties.

Anyway, why has Brian gone to Cranwell, it's the officers course he has to do and all being well at the end of it he gets to take off the white tabs and be all 'proper' he is currently wearing orange ones it seems having spoken to him earlier. Hope it all goes well, he was very nervous!

I have the week off to save mucking around with the school run.  Hopefully I can get to do a lot of stuff with paper as I have a craft fair in a couple of weeks.  I have candy cane mice to get sorted, bag up reindeer pooh and other stuff.  Tuesday is Morgan's 6 monthly review so I have to head into Norwich for that, we got his report which is excellent, I can't imagine him doing so well in mainstream, he does have things to work on but this is why he is where he is.  Considering he has had a haphazard few years of schooling, academically he is doing very well.  For doing well he gets commendations, I've filed away a few of these tonight.


The kidlets are having a thing for flapjacks at the moment, so another batch has been made. I've made this batch with honey and golden syrup, no complaints have been made by the recipients as there was a look of 'ugh, don't like honey'.

nom nom!!

I'm going to have  catch up of Vampire Diaries and then head off to the land of duvet, must remember to set the alarm clock!

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