Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Paper folding! This is one of today's activities.  I am in the process of making an origami flower decoration, making these little beauties, I have more to make and found the instructions really easy to make something that looks rather complicated (in my head anyway!). 

I found the instructions looking for something completely different, lost my thread and went for the paper :) totally forgot what I was originally looking for :)

As well as making these, had to go out and get some Guide things - 12 swiss rolls and the stuff to make chocolate icing.  The lady on the till did look a bit bemused by the number of swiss rolls on the conveyer but when I told her what they were for she thought it was a great idea and wondered if she could come along too.  We are also doing baubles, polystyrene ones that we (they) are going to be attaching sequins on.  It should be a fun night.  We don't have a meeting next week as most of the Guides are at their school play which means our next meeting will be the last before Christmas, party time.  The older girls are planning this one for their party planner badge, I've just got to get some pass the parcel bits sorted out for it and other little bits and then it will be another term and planning will begin (not that it hasn't already) for the spring term!!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I've made a Finnish star today, courtesy of Anam and the MME newsletter.  Anam says it is really easy and it is, you may find yourself making more than one!!

Anam's blog has a link to the MME newsletter which gives the instructions, but basically all you need are 12 strips of paper - I have used a 12x12 sheet that I have trimmed down to 1" strips to make my star.

Then you do some laying down of the paper and get the glue out to stick some down.

You make two of the bases, and then I have used some foam pads to mount mine up and stick the two together.  You do a little bit of folding and some sticking down and voila, one Finnish star.

Have fun :) 

Friday, 25 November 2011

A week off...

I've had a week off work, Brian has been at RAF Cranwell on his Officer's Initial Course (OIC) for the RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) which has resulted in him now being able to remove his white cadet officer tabs, get blue pilot officer ones and also have a fitting for an officer's uniform.  It's not been an easy road, he has had interviews and this week was the week that makes or breaks.  Happily, the champers is chilling ready for when he comes home on Sunday.

My week off, I've got a few things done that I wanted to get out of the way, clearing out the outhouse and finding not just a couple of demijohns but twenty of the things.  Wine making is no longer on the itinerary and so they are needing a new home (along with some bits and bobs that go with them).

I have been making candy cane mice, the end is in sight!  There must be 80 or so of them, some done and as some still in progress.  The reason for making these are to sell them at a craft fair in a couple of weeks at the Briston Sports & Social (10th December, 3pm - 6pm) and raise some funds for my Guide unit.  I have lots of things I would like to offer the girls but these things need funds.  I have other things as well as the mice and if they all get sold on the day, I'll be a happy bunny.

On the subject of Guides, we had two guests this week and look what the girls made (a lot more of them, these are two of Genny's - she ate one!)  gingerbread tree decorations.  Thanks go to Tina and Mark from The Blakeney Hotel.  The Guides were totally impressed and had a whale of a time, hopefully some will last until Christmas.

While I have been home, I have been pondering on whether Etsy is the place to be in respect of my cards, I'm getting the 'views' and cards are going into peoples' favourites but not into their shopping basket, which was the plan for joining Etsy!!  So, I am having a rethink and might make a separate page here on my blog.  As I will be doing a lot more craft fairs next year, I will tie it in with that (I think!), just need some more time to work on the plan :).

On another crafting front.  More products are coming into The Scraporium, I have some products from Crafter's Companion - I love the Core'dinations cardstock.  As the shop grows then so will the products - can't really do one without the other :)
Finally, you may see a link over on the right for Stampin' Up.  My SU page will be back up and running in the new year :) I'm looking forward to getting some workshops going, have some interest in some stamping clubs and so will get this up and running in a bigger way in 2012.

Oh, and look, Soo has been playing with nesties, I've been, in between everything else I have done today, been cutting out butterflies, will do something with them at the weekend with any luck as I have a plan in my head that needs to work its way out onto paper.  Home alone with all three children, I am not sure if I am going to get the chance :) 

All in all, a good week, do I have to go back to work on Monday!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

RAF & a week's holiday

Today, Brian has taken the train to RAF Cranwell, leaving from Norwich station at lunchtime for the 3 changes journey.  I took the opportunity to head over the road to Hobbycraft.  I cant't say that I was that impressed on with things that I wanted to buy there and then so I came out with just a paper pad for me - one that has die cuts in it for decoupage - and some bits for MIL for Christmas.  We've Been here for four years and this was my first trip to the station!  I would have meandered longer but had to get back home to relieve MIL of babysitting duties.

Anyway, why has Brian gone to Cranwell, it's the officers course he has to do and all being well at the end of it he gets to take off the white tabs and be all 'proper' he is currently wearing orange ones it seems having spoken to him earlier. Hope it all goes well, he was very nervous!

I have the week off to save mucking around with the school run.  Hopefully I can get to do a lot of stuff with paper as I have a craft fair in a couple of weeks.  I have candy cane mice to get sorted, bag up reindeer pooh and other stuff.  Tuesday is Morgan's 6 monthly review so I have to head into Norwich for that, we got his report which is excellent, I can't imagine him doing so well in mainstream, he does have things to work on but this is why he is where he is.  Considering he has had a haphazard few years of schooling, academically he is doing very well.  For doing well he gets commendations, I've filed away a few of these tonight.


The kidlets are having a thing for flapjacks at the moment, so another batch has been made. I've made this batch with honey and golden syrup, no complaints have been made by the recipients as there was a look of 'ugh, don't like honey'.

nom nom!!

I'm going to have  catch up of Vampire Diaries and then head off to the land of duvet, must remember to set the alarm clock!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What's been going on....

It has been a busy few days. We had a table at the Fakenham High School craft fair, it was a slow day but we managed to sell enough to pay for the table, although £18 we felt was a bit much as we had to sell lots to cover it, but thankfully we had some people who liked what me and MIL make! Next year though, we are going to ask to be in the hall rather than the gym as we felt people didn't quite make it to our part of the building.

That was the last fair we are doing for this year, although I have one in a couple of weeks at the Briston Sports & Social, doing some fundraising for the Guide unit, so, hopefully that will do well. I have bags of reindeer pooh and snowman pooh to make as well as candy cane mice. I also have made some little notebooks and have a list of other bits and bobs to make. As Brian is away next week on his officer training week, I've taken the week off work and will be having little production lines, well that is the plan :)

Zumba, well I do believe that last night I managed to get my trainers to coordinate my legs, although the arms are not very well coordinated, I can't as yet do legs and arms.  I have Zumba on the Wii so hopefully my plan will come to fruition and I will Zumba every day in the living room.  Some of the moves are going to be different to the ones Sara has but it is all fun and I can certainly feel some bits of me toning up.  It would be great if she could do a Friday class closer to home, as our weeks are filled with Air Cadets and Guides I only have two days during the week to go to classes, Tuesday and Friday, although I guess during term time I can get out on the Thursday night too. 

My Stampin' Up page will be back up and running soon, just doing some bits n bobs and will start a stampers 10 in the new year.  If you want to peruse the catalogue in the meantime, just click the picture below.
Guides tomorrow, so off to do some planning, we are having a quiet evening as there is a local election for the Parish Council and we need to be quiet, I am getting the craft stuff out and we will be playing with potatoes (aka potato printing).  We can do two things at once, do some craft and what the girls do can count towards the craft badge, we don't want to waste the evening now do we :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Well, I checked my mail at work at lunchtime today and had an email from Noddle. Had to read it twice and then had a bit of a jumping around moment.  I had entered a competition and I had won it!  And, the prize, a new iPad2.  I have been bubbling all day.  I think it sunk in more when they posted my name on their Facebook wall!  Golly gosh.  I have chosen a white one and they are also getting it engraved.  I can't wait and it will sink in even more once I have it in my mitts!

I wonder, should I get a lottery ticket tomorrow?

Monday, 7 November 2011


The chickens have a new home, they are in possession of a lovely purple Egglu. Their old home is made of wood and is getting a bit 'rustic', drafty and in need of some repair so we made the decision to get them something weather proof and easy to clean and to keep the bugs away. 

It's very smart, roomy which means we can also get some more birdies :) and we can have a bonfire of the old one!! All being well, the girls will take to it and get laying some eggs.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Today, I have been...

...doing all sorts!  I borrowed my lovely friend Sue's sizzix die that makes rosettes last week and today I have been building rosette flowers!

They are all over my desk with various things put on top of some of them to keep them squidged down while the glue dries.

The die makes it much easier than scoring and then folding and is on my shopping list!

I've also been playing with some products that are in the shop.  The nested butterfly has been out to play as have the lovely stamps from JustRite (the merry & bright set). Albeit, I have cut and stamped and the results need to be added to cards :)

I managed to get a kit for Jane's class at last week's retreat and had the instructions emailed over so I could get started, so far, I have read the instructions!!  I have given the paper a good old stroke as well ;)

And, look, it is much better now after a tidy up, can see some of the desk - I have had a bit of a tidy up between today's crafting delights.  I'm back now to finishing off the remaining rosette flowers :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


....I have a craft desk under this lot.

I have been working on it since Monday, working on tidying it up and putting away the class kits etc from ATDML that I came home with from the weekend that is and, as can be seen, I am not getting very far!!  I'll keep plodding on though and eventually it will be nice and tidy but then it doesn't take long to make it messy, so, maybe I should just leave it {as if that will happen}.

The chooks are going to be happy.  Their current home is not winter proof, is a pain to clean being wooden and so we are treating them to new quarters. We are getting them an Eglu (from  I've gone for purple - the come in different colours including pink.

This girly is going through the molt - feathers everywhere and she is looking scruffy, but, once she is back to her usual feathery self, she will look superb again.  Then next year, she can have some more feathery friends as the Eglu can house up to 10 and we only have 4 :)

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