Monday, 17 October 2011

It worked

My blog is now in a new home, in that I have moved it to my own domain ( playing with DNS settings and all that, it is finally sorted. 

With that change, I am back on plan with Slimming World.  I have had a stagnant few weeks, got fed up with food in general and now am back in the zone.  It is all to do with a pair of trousers that were getting no so comfy as the day wore on!  So, Gillian came out to play today, aka known as Shred30.  I have started from Level 1, not sure whether level 2 would do me in or not, I am pleased to say that despite a few (quite a few) weeks of zero Shred, Level 1 was not as painful as when I first got the dvd out of the case - still needed a shower after though (sorry TMI!).  Also having had 'the op' back in May, there was that trepidation that something would split or hurt, but I guess I have had a long enough break.  Zumba tomorrow, with my new pieces of kit, will see how they work and also see how the trainers go and if I need to get a more supportive pair.

I do also continue to use my 'wobbleator' (one of those vibration plate things) and personally, I think that it does work, not so much in the losing pounds but in terms of toning up.  I was thinking on having it moved upstairs but it is a bit noisy so not sure how that will work on the floorboards as we have bare floors in the bedroom.

I am hoping to get a Hougie board, I have a bid on one on fleabay, having had a good gander on the www, they range in price and if I win this one it will be a good price under £20 (albeit by a penny).  Here's hoping, otherwise I will have to splurge some extra pennies.  I want to have a go at making milk cartons!

Until next time....
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