Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It broke!

Hmm, well I think I broke my website moving blogger so I have moved it back for a while until I fix it.  I think I know the problem, we'll see!!  I've just to fix the broken bit first!!!

Day off day, went into Dereham and got some supplies and also managed to pick a couple of presents for you know when in December.  Also stocked up on some more 'reindeer poo' for the fair in a few weeks time.  Oh, got the bottle of Bombay ready for next weekend too :)

Parents evening for Genny and she is doing well, sadly she is getting picked on by someone in her class (aka bullying) but it is known and she knows what she has to do.  For someone that didn't have much imaginative play as she has grown up, she is writing good stories in English and, as usual, her artwork is great so I guess I am still going to find my stuff in her room.

On the walk home from school the sky looked like it was about to give the heave ho, it did wait an hour or so before it dropped its contents, quite heavily as well.  I fear it needs to do some more as I have one of those headaches that needs a darkened room.

Brian has gone off to Air Cadets, Morgan has phoned just to say that he has made cakes today and used chocolate spread, we won't be seeing any of those on Friday.  Guides tomorrow and as it is the end of this half term, we are off bowling.  I'm going to have to crack down on girls that aren't paying their subs on time as I don't think it fair on the girls that do pay promptly, but how to do this - answers on a postcard.

Now off to give my eyeballs a rest before they fall out.

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