Monday, 24 October 2011

Golly gosh...

Here we are, this time next week it will be Halloween and the end of another month.  It has been the month of birthday, today being Brian's where he scored half a century! So he doesn't get lost, he now has a sat nav, since he he going out and about with the RAF Air Cadets and will soon be heading up to Cranwell, it will save trying to map read as he goes along.

I've now got my new hougie board, I've been making milk cartons.  These are for the Christmas fair, I think they make cool gift boxes, but we'll see if other people think the same way :)

It comes with the instructions to make stepper cards so I will have a go at making some of those as well.  

So far, I am finding it easy to use and glad I have one (finally).
Sorry Herma, I've gone and ordered one of these little beauties!  I have been getting through so much Herma I am going to use this little device and see how it compares.  I can order more Herma but it is a big outlay and seems to be going out of fashion, so for the time being, I am out of stock.

This is, of course, bigger than the Herma tape dispenser but I think it will go into my tool tote ok as at the moment, there is currently a bottle of Bombay gin in it!  I am getting ready for my weekend in Suffolk.  My annual get away scrapbooking retreat, I'll be with regular budettes and those that I haven't seen in a year. 

I have ordered some photos for my classes, been sorting though stuff as I am travelling down with my beautiful friend Annette there is limited space so just the basics, after all if I haven't got it I can get it there ;) We'll (I guess) be going via Soo's place and have a convoy!  And, on that note, better go sort out some of the mess I have created in getting ready for the weekend :) which includes a half made card!

Finally, for anyone that can help clear paper etc, I have a 20% discount (before p&p) going on over at the shop :)

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