Sunday, 16 October 2011

A brief catch up...

1st Oct - my birthday.

Then back to work where I managed to catch up and clear a load of files that needed closing, pruning them of duplicated papers and getting them into storage. I didn't run guides that week as there was an open evening at Reepham which is where Genny will be off to next September.  That involved listing to someone speak as couldn't see as was way at the back and also couldn't really hear them!  Then Genny went awol, disappearing with a friend and so I wandered about like a lost lemon.  Found her eventually, she loves the art room and the cooking room!

Saturday - another birthday and I went with MIL to a craft fair in Holt.  Not that successful despite the organiser doing lots of advertising but it was a morning out and there is a bakery that does really lush cakes!  Sunday, at home with the kidlets as Brian was with the Air Cadets who where at a swimming gala.  Then it was Monday again!!

I did manage to get to zumba on Tuesday night, boy oh boy she works us hard - I don't know now much water I lost but think soggy moggy.  Nothing like having fun while getting some exercise, I am still slightly uncoordinated and have also ordered myself some sport bottoms that may be more comfy that my current jogging bottoms.  I did have a look at the 'proper' zumba trousers but at over £45 a pop in most places, they can stay where they are and I'll stick with my £17 pair of Nike trousers that are on their way.  I'd like to zumba twice a week but other classes don't fall on good days/evenings :(

Guides on the Thursday was smelly!  One patrol was making cucumber face masks and bath bombs.  there was a slight disaster when the guide doing the liquidising of cucumber unscrewed the jar from the base so it all went everywhere so another cucumber had to be enlisted to help out (as in my two young leaders went for a walk to the shop to get another one).  The bath bombs - well thankfully there isn't smelly vision as they were very smelly but the girls all managed to make one.  Not sure if any have been used for their intended purpose!

I have stamped a load of images (borrowed some stamps from my lovely friend Soo when we were together at a crop) and also run off some digis.  I made a start with doing some colouring ready to transform then into more cards!

I had another craft fair yesterday in Cromer this time.  Another rather poor event, with not many coming in.  I think if the organiser had advertised more it would have been better as each time I went for a wander outside, there were lots of people out and about.  Hey ho though, another day out and I got to do loads more colouring in so all was not lost!


We need a new wardrobe, Pilot Officer Keerie picked up his RAF attire, there is a lot of it including a very nice hat, there were also lots of pairs of socks.  An excuse for a trip to Ikea?!

And this little fella, next week on this day he will be six and a day and then the big boy in the house has his big birthday a couple of days later!  That will be it then for October, five birthdays done and dusted!

I am counting down to ATDML - not long now and I can get some serious time with paper and glue and exercise the jaw with catching up with buddies from all over the country.  Sad thing is, it's only for a couple of days.

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