Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another year...

...older.  I notched up another number on the tree yesterday.  I have overstuffed myself on chocolate, managed to nearly down a bottle of burgundy whilst watching Johnny Depp dressed in a pirate costume!  I also managed to get a few cards made for the impending craft fairs, some things may be stuck on a bit wonky, but hey that's art!

I think it was too hot yesterday for the kids to have arguments, or they felt they would have a good day as it was my birthday, or maybe it was just a bit of both.  Although, how Morgan can wander around wrapped in his duvet beats me, one of his little quirks.  I rooted through some books and put them onto Green Metropolis, someone may be looking for one of them and they are only gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe.  I have ordered some extended cutting mats for my Cuttlebug (spending birthday £s) so I can use the dies I have got which were a pain to use with the 'normal' sized plates. 

Despite looking and trashing the place I haven't found my beadling book, so my friend Suzanne has helped me out.  It's another thing to make for the craft fairs and now I can get on making beadling butterflies and things.  I did find my beads so that part was successful!

I'm going to dig out the Quickutz dies - do you remember them?! - just cutting out some letters for some cards, an idea that popped into my head this morning.  I have heaps of Scrapbook Sally vellums and I think what I want to do will work - we'll see.  I will think of things to do with the other 'I have no idea how many sheets of paper' I have sitting in the shop.  There is some dinosaur paper that I think will work with some dinosaur stamps I have (another, we'll see!).

Right.... onwards.... (plus Genny wants to use the mac to do her homework, so I am being booted off!!)

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