Monday, 31 October 2011

A super weekend {picture heavy}

It was my retreat weekend, a weekend from Friday to Sunday afternoon, down in Suffolk.  Doing what I like, playing with paper and meeting up with friends, from close and afar.

I travelled 'down' with my budettes {pretend sisters} Annette picking up Sue en route. We arrived and settled in, having a quick catch up with everyone before having something to eat at the bar, in front of the very nice wood fire.

Then it was off, unpacking and settling down at our spot in the cropping room.

And then we were off....


Getting settled in, note the small bowls of munchies!  The girls at ATDML know how to keep us happy!

 Some layouts from the weekend....

These are a selection from when we went to Great Yarmouth on a Guide trip on Genny's 11th birthday.

From Mel's 7gypsies class.  I did two of Mel's classes, although I seem to have not taken pictures of the book that I made!

Hotel room!  A bit of a dilemma on which bit of the bed to sleep in, so I went for the middle on Friday ( well Saturday as it was gone xxx o'clock before I fell up to bed) Sorry for those that are in the know, this is the disco floor in the bathroom!!!

This is Izzy and me, Izzy is from Scotland and is just so lovely.  She has some wonderful stories that can keep you entertained for hours.  I did miss Izzy going home as I was in a class when it was time for her to depart Suffolk for the airport.

Mucky tips of fingers and thumb, Annette did a make and take, I got quite mucky, with glimmer mist everywhere, but it was fun :)
This wasn't one of the classes, I had this Rusty Pickle kit for ages and finally have it done apart from it needing photos, so it is a 50% complete project.

I am loving the Graphic45 papers, I thought there were quite apt for this year's start of school photos.

 The super talented Jane Hewitt and her class (using the Graphic45 papers).  This is a mini book and it is held together by Japanese book binding and pencils.  It looks hard, but well it is so simple and has a great effect.  I just have to complete this one (another 50% project) with adding some photos inside.  Not sure which ones just yet, but it looks good on the shelf as it is.

Suzanne's Bo Bunny.  This was fab.  Cutting out bits and thankfully the ribbon and other bits hide my dreadful circle cutting!

One of my fab friends, Ann.  Don't you love the t-shirt (I want one!).  I didn't get to do Ann's classes this time {sob}, one was before we arrived and her other class was at the time when we were leaving, I think this is a double {sob}. Not sure if you can see her hair, the colour is fab!

The altering project.  This year we could have little kraft bags to do with what we would.  I turned mine into a little book.  I had to get the brain into gear with the cutting but I am pleased with the result. I have made it into a small book of seasonal snaps, the kids in the garden, in the pool and winter time when we had huge icicles.

I have some things left to finish off, my last class on Sunday needs to be completed.  I did a load of mini books rather than layouts this time around.  

So, all in all a productive weekend. 
A clear table, well nearly, before we went on our way home :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Golly gosh...

Here we are, this time next week it will be Halloween and the end of another month.  It has been the month of birthday, today being Brian's where he scored half a century! So he doesn't get lost, he now has a sat nav, since he he going out and about with the RAF Air Cadets and will soon be heading up to Cranwell, it will save trying to map read as he goes along.

I've now got my new hougie board, I've been making milk cartons.  These are for the Christmas fair, I think they make cool gift boxes, but we'll see if other people think the same way :)

It comes with the instructions to make stepper cards so I will have a go at making some of those as well.  

So far, I am finding it easy to use and glad I have one (finally).
Sorry Herma, I've gone and ordered one of these little beauties!  I have been getting through so much Herma I am going to use this little device and see how it compares.  I can order more Herma but it is a big outlay and seems to be going out of fashion, so for the time being, I am out of stock.

This is, of course, bigger than the Herma tape dispenser but I think it will go into my tool tote ok as at the moment, there is currently a bottle of Bombay gin in it!  I am getting ready for my weekend in Suffolk.  My annual get away scrapbooking retreat, I'll be with regular budettes and those that I haven't seen in a year. 

I have ordered some photos for my classes, been sorting though stuff as I am travelling down with my beautiful friend Annette there is limited space so just the basics, after all if I haven't got it I can get it there ;) We'll (I guess) be going via Soo's place and have a convoy!  And, on that note, better go sort out some of the mess I have created in getting ready for the weekend :) which includes a half made card!

Finally, for anyone that can help clear paper etc, I have a 20% discount (before p&p) going on over at the shop :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It broke!

Hmm, well I think I broke my website moving blogger so I have moved it back for a while until I fix it.  I think I know the problem, we'll see!!  I've just to fix the broken bit first!!!

Day off day, went into Dereham and got some supplies and also managed to pick a couple of presents for you know when in December.  Also stocked up on some more 'reindeer poo' for the fair in a few weeks time.  Oh, got the bottle of Bombay ready for next weekend too :)

Parents evening for Genny and she is doing well, sadly she is getting picked on by someone in her class (aka bullying) but it is known and she knows what she has to do.  For someone that didn't have much imaginative play as she has grown up, she is writing good stories in English and, as usual, her artwork is great so I guess I am still going to find my stuff in her room.

On the walk home from school the sky looked like it was about to give the heave ho, it did wait an hour or so before it dropped its contents, quite heavily as well.  I fear it needs to do some more as I have one of those headaches that needs a darkened room.

Brian has gone off to Air Cadets, Morgan has phoned just to say that he has made cakes today and used chocolate spread, we won't be seeing any of those on Friday.  Guides tomorrow and as it is the end of this half term, we are off bowling.  I'm going to have to crack down on girls that aren't paying their subs on time as I don't think it fair on the girls that do pay promptly, but how to do this - answers on a postcard.

Now off to give my eyeballs a rest before they fall out.

Monday, 17 October 2011

It worked

My blog is now in a new home, in that I have moved it to my own domain ( playing with DNS settings and all that, it is finally sorted. 

With that change, I am back on plan with Slimming World.  I have had a stagnant few weeks, got fed up with food in general and now am back in the zone.  It is all to do with a pair of trousers that were getting no so comfy as the day wore on!  So, Gillian came out to play today, aka known as Shred30.  I have started from Level 1, not sure whether level 2 would do me in or not, I am pleased to say that despite a few (quite a few) weeks of zero Shred, Level 1 was not as painful as when I first got the dvd out of the case - still needed a shower after though (sorry TMI!).  Also having had 'the op' back in May, there was that trepidation that something would split or hurt, but I guess I have had a long enough break.  Zumba tomorrow, with my new pieces of kit, will see how they work and also see how the trainers go and if I need to get a more supportive pair.

I do also continue to use my 'wobbleator' (one of those vibration plate things) and personally, I think that it does work, not so much in the losing pounds but in terms of toning up.  I was thinking on having it moved upstairs but it is a bit noisy so not sure how that will work on the floorboards as we have bare floors in the bedroom.

I am hoping to get a Hougie board, I have a bid on one on fleabay, having had a good gander on the www, they range in price and if I win this one it will be a good price under £20 (albeit by a penny).  Here's hoping, otherwise I will have to splurge some extra pennies.  I want to have a go at making milk cartons!

Until next time....

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A brief catch up...

1st Oct - my birthday.

Then back to work where I managed to catch up and clear a load of files that needed closing, pruning them of duplicated papers and getting them into storage. I didn't run guides that week as there was an open evening at Reepham which is where Genny will be off to next September.  That involved listing to someone speak as couldn't see as was way at the back and also couldn't really hear them!  Then Genny went awol, disappearing with a friend and so I wandered about like a lost lemon.  Found her eventually, she loves the art room and the cooking room!

Saturday - another birthday and I went with MIL to a craft fair in Holt.  Not that successful despite the organiser doing lots of advertising but it was a morning out and there is a bakery that does really lush cakes!  Sunday, at home with the kidlets as Brian was with the Air Cadets who where at a swimming gala.  Then it was Monday again!!

I did manage to get to zumba on Tuesday night, boy oh boy she works us hard - I don't know now much water I lost but think soggy moggy.  Nothing like having fun while getting some exercise, I am still slightly uncoordinated and have also ordered myself some sport bottoms that may be more comfy that my current jogging bottoms.  I did have a look at the 'proper' zumba trousers but at over £45 a pop in most places, they can stay where they are and I'll stick with my £17 pair of Nike trousers that are on their way.  I'd like to zumba twice a week but other classes don't fall on good days/evenings :(

Guides on the Thursday was smelly!  One patrol was making cucumber face masks and bath bombs.  there was a slight disaster when the guide doing the liquidising of cucumber unscrewed the jar from the base so it all went everywhere so another cucumber had to be enlisted to help out (as in my two young leaders went for a walk to the shop to get another one).  The bath bombs - well thankfully there isn't smelly vision as they were very smelly but the girls all managed to make one.  Not sure if any have been used for their intended purpose!

I have stamped a load of images (borrowed some stamps from my lovely friend Soo when we were together at a crop) and also run off some digis.  I made a start with doing some colouring ready to transform then into more cards!

I had another craft fair yesterday in Cromer this time.  Another rather poor event, with not many coming in.  I think if the organiser had advertised more it would have been better as each time I went for a wander outside, there were lots of people out and about.  Hey ho though, another day out and I got to do loads more colouring in so all was not lost!


We need a new wardrobe, Pilot Officer Keerie picked up his RAF attire, there is a lot of it including a very nice hat, there were also lots of pairs of socks.  An excuse for a trip to Ikea?!

And this little fella, next week on this day he will be six and a day and then the big boy in the house has his big birthday a couple of days later!  That will be it then for October, five birthdays done and dusted!

I am counting down to ATDML - not long now and I can get some serious time with paper and glue and exercise the jaw with catching up with buddies from all over the country.  Sad thing is, it's only for a couple of days.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another year...

...older.  I notched up another number on the tree yesterday.  I have overstuffed myself on chocolate, managed to nearly down a bottle of burgundy whilst watching Johnny Depp dressed in a pirate costume!  I also managed to get a few cards made for the impending craft fairs, some things may be stuck on a bit wonky, but hey that's art!

I think it was too hot yesterday for the kids to have arguments, or they felt they would have a good day as it was my birthday, or maybe it was just a bit of both.  Although, how Morgan can wander around wrapped in his duvet beats me, one of his little quirks.  I rooted through some books and put them onto Green Metropolis, someone may be looking for one of them and they are only gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe.  I have ordered some extended cutting mats for my Cuttlebug (spending birthday £s) so I can use the dies I have got which were a pain to use with the 'normal' sized plates. 

Despite looking and trashing the place I haven't found my beadling book, so my friend Suzanne has helped me out.  It's another thing to make for the craft fairs and now I can get on making beadling butterflies and things.  I did find my beads so that part was successful!

I'm going to dig out the Quickutz dies - do you remember them?! - just cutting out some letters for some cards, an idea that popped into my head this morning.  I have heaps of Scrapbook Sally vellums and I think what I want to do will work - we'll see.  I will think of things to do with the other 'I have no idea how many sheets of paper' I have sitting in the shop.  There is some dinosaur paper that I think will work with some dinosaur stamps I have (another, we'll see!).

Right.... onwards.... (plus Genny wants to use the mac to do her homework, so I am being booted off!!)

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