Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Back to school today, three of them ready (and us) for them to return to their new years.

Genny - Year 6 and now in her final year of junior school.

Our little fella, Ben, now in year 1.  When asked how good a day he had, his comment was that it was 'boring' at school today.  The reason for this, they didn't have lots of play!!  

Our big fella, Morgan, he set off back to school earlier than usual, being picked up at 7.30am (taxi came at 8am before the summer hols!).   He went off merrily with his three bags (one of which was the 'toy/book' bag.  There was me and Brian waving bye from the doorstep and he didn't even look back to wave!  I guess he was happy and had started chatting away to the driver!  Morgan is now in year 5 and we have a bit of a change from before in that he will now be home on a Tuesday after school, going back Wednesday and home every weekend.

The big girl of the bunch, well she has a few more days before she heads off to Freshers week at Uni.  (If she sees this she will probably hate me, but I love this picture, stolen from her album from her trip to Alton Towers!)

For everyone else sending children off for their first days on their education journey, I hope they all had a good day and are going back tomorrow with smiles.

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