Monday, 19 September 2011

An 11 year old...

So, we now have an 11 year old, that came up fast!  Her birthday happened to be on the same day as a Guide trip.  30+ Guides made up of girls from my unit and another two headed out to Great Yarmouth for (1) the Out There festival and (2) the circus at the Hippodrome.  We had a great time, it did involve getting absolutely drenched during a torrential downpour, but we soldiered on and got the circus very soggy. 

First stop was a trip to the loo, better to get that out of the way before moving on, and to have a bite to eat on the sea front.  Ice creams, going for a paddle, sand in shoes and socks was the order of the pit stop.  It was also an opportunity for Genny to be given a "happy birthday" and a gift from the other leader, she was a very happy 11 year old.


The Out There festival had loads of things going on, plus some rather strange 'birds' wandering around (which also made noises).  We let the Guides have some freedom to roam around to see what was going on and found most of them in a little adventure playground!  Then, we sat down to have some lunch and then it chucked it down, we decided that rather than sit in the rain we would walk in it and so headed off to the circus.

We had a great time at the circus, laughed our socks off, watched some of acts with one eye (3 guys from Columbia in a steel ball, each on a motorbike, going round and round, crossing over without any collisions, a juggler from Mexico, trapeze, magic, contortionists, dancers, Jack Kay and Jimmy Mac and not getting too wet (again) when the water fight happened in the second half!

Smiler, she had just been given the happy birthday wishes from Jack Kay!  Embarrassed or what!!!

Then, after it was all over, we headed back to the sea front - thankfully a lot drier than when we went in - for a shopping spree and some tea (which meant in most cases, chips) and once we had fed, a quick pit stop where we started and then off to find the coach for the ride home.

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