Friday, 30 September 2011

We're having a heatwave....

So, here we are the last day of September 2011 and it has been hot, like yesterday, and the day before!  Sadly, yesterday and today involved being stuck indoors in a room with a big window that doesn't open which means the room is airless and very warm.  The 3pm droop came early today, I would say that a walk around the Buttlands was refreshing but that was going from hot to warm!  I hope this weather lasts a bit longer though, the impending doom of snow coming early fills me with dread as I hate driving in the stuff for one thing and I don't like getting wet socks!  

Yesterday, I went for a walk at lunchtime with a work colleague, we strolled down to the quay and it was rather busy down there.  We fell into the Wells Crab House along Freeman Street for some lunch, well we were thirsty for one thing.  This is one of the good things of working by the seaside, you can be down to the front in 5 minutes and you can find something to eat, we skipped the fish n chips!

I made cakes on Wednesday to take into work yesterday, it being the 1 October tomorrow = another year older!  I borrowed the idea of making orea cupcakes, although my cupcakes are muffin sized.  The chooks, despite moulting, are laying quite nicely, we had a basket full.  They don't lay oreos by the way, I had to put them somewhere within reach which was away from my mouth!

And these are the 'cupcakes' a work in progress.  I should have taken an after shot but they were coated in chocolate frosting with crushed oreos sprinkled on top.  They went down well at work, there was silence for a few minutes and sounds of yum!!   They liked the surprise oreo as well!

And this little chap, he was stuck on the top of a large silver paper wrapped boxed which is currently in the fridge, I have an inkling on what is inside - I haven't shaken the box too hard.  This little fella may be eaten for breakfast!  I also have a rather nice bottle of St Emillion that I am going to tuck into {tomorrow}.

Tomorrow, Brian is away somwhere doing something for Air Cadets.  I'll be on my ownsome, if the present fairy hasn't got me some extended cutting mats for my cuttlebug, I'll be getting them myself, I'm not getting on with using two normal sized plates with the long dies!  I have stuff to finish off as I am off at another craft fair next week so it will be a case of hope the kids amuse themselves and me playing with paper and glue.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sat 24 September

Today, me and MIL went to Sheringham for a craft fair.  We took the boxed cards for this one, having been told that there was lots of other tables doing cards!  Sadly, that wasn't the case as there were just 8 tables (including ours) in the area, so, we could have taken the usual stock.  But, hey ho, we managed to sell some of them and covered the table and petrol.

Our next fair is in two weeks, we can take everything and hope that it will be more successful.  I am in sticking mode, so tomorrow I hope I still feel like it!!!

Funny though, sitting most of the day people watching and going for the odd walk in the wonderful sunshine has worn me out!

Monday, 19 September 2011

An 11 year old...

So, we now have an 11 year old, that came up fast!  Her birthday happened to be on the same day as a Guide trip.  30+ Guides made up of girls from my unit and another two headed out to Great Yarmouth for (1) the Out There festival and (2) the circus at the Hippodrome.  We had a great time, it did involve getting absolutely drenched during a torrential downpour, but we soldiered on and got the circus very soggy. 

First stop was a trip to the loo, better to get that out of the way before moving on, and to have a bite to eat on the sea front.  Ice creams, going for a paddle, sand in shoes and socks was the order of the pit stop.  It was also an opportunity for Genny to be given a "happy birthday" and a gift from the other leader, she was a very happy 11 year old.


The Out There festival had loads of things going on, plus some rather strange 'birds' wandering around (which also made noises).  We let the Guides have some freedom to roam around to see what was going on and found most of them in a little adventure playground!  Then, we sat down to have some lunch and then it chucked it down, we decided that rather than sit in the rain we would walk in it and so headed off to the circus.

We had a great time at the circus, laughed our socks off, watched some of acts with one eye (3 guys from Columbia in a steel ball, each on a motorbike, going round and round, crossing over without any collisions, a juggler from Mexico, trapeze, magic, contortionists, dancers, Jack Kay and Jimmy Mac and not getting too wet (again) when the water fight happened in the second half!

Smiler, she had just been given the happy birthday wishes from Jack Kay!  Embarrassed or what!!!

Then, after it was all over, we headed back to the sea front - thankfully a lot drier than when we went in - for a shopping spree and some tea (which meant in most cases, chips) and once we had fed, a quick pit stop where we started and then off to find the coach for the ride home.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Back to school today, three of them ready (and us) for them to return to their new years.

Genny - Year 6 and now in her final year of junior school.

Our little fella, Ben, now in year 1.  When asked how good a day he had, his comment was that it was 'boring' at school today.  The reason for this, they didn't have lots of play!!  

Our big fella, Morgan, he set off back to school earlier than usual, being picked up at 7.30am (taxi came at 8am before the summer hols!).   He went off merrily with his three bags (one of which was the 'toy/book' bag.  There was me and Brian waving bye from the doorstep and he didn't even look back to wave!  I guess he was happy and had started chatting away to the driver!  Morgan is now in year 5 and we have a bit of a change from before in that he will now be home on a Tuesday after school, going back Wednesday and home every weekend.

The big girl of the bunch, well she has a few more days before she heads off to Freshers week at Uni.  (If she sees this she will probably hate me, but I love this picture, stolen from her album from her trip to Alton Towers!)

For everyone else sending children off for their first days on their education journey, I hope they all had a good day and are going back tomorrow with smiles.

7 September 2011 (1)

And, here we are, back to school day today for the three.  Before this, however, we went away for a week, staying in a caravan in Clacton-on-Sea.  We won't be going back to that particular park however, nothing for the kids to do - the activity clubs that we given in the blurb were non-existent, unless you were 5 and wanted to do colouring in every morning.  Bingo, was interesting.  We couldn't hear the caller, was it 21 or 29, we couldn't tell so hazard a guess and a pint of Strongbow was £3.60, no cold drinks on taps for kids ie your orangeade/pepsi.  The good thing, the swimming pool, we went every day and it was a warm swimming pool, no wading in and having to go for the quick body dip!  The caravan had a telly with a dvd player so we had evening 'indoor' entertainment.

We went to Clacton Pier one day, spent some ££s on unlimited ride tickets, this meant me going on the roller coaster more than once! Ben got to enjoy some of the big rides as well, although not the roller coaster and one other ride where he was under the height restriction.  We also had fun in the simulator, hanging on to the handrail while the 'roller coaster' went every way possible.

On our last Friday, we headed out further afield and went to Walton.  The beach there was fab, two ladies run a very good priced beach cafe, tea at only 90p and a decent sized burger for £2.00.

A fantastic array of beach huts!

In the hopes of winning a competition to somewhere that requires plane travel, I'm entering my post in the competion, wishing myself some luck!!

Nearly forgot, I have a stockpile growing of cards.  My next craft fair is coming up shortly so I am busy cardmaking!  I'm making a lot of Christmas ones at the moment, although I have to pop in a non-Christmas one into the mixing bowl to keep me sane!

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