Monday, 22 August 2011

110822 Monday... Monday..

Right, day one of my week off while Brian is over/across the country at RAF Valley. Kids not too bad although Morgan has had a wobble today, we've not had one of those for a l-o-n-g time, but he seems ok now. I guess a culmination of the long holiday (6 weeks is way too long in my book) and Genny being out with her friends, tipped him over the edge. He wants to go to Scouts as Genny goes to Guides. Not sure if we can fix this one.  He made some cheese scones, cooking is therapeutic, he makes nice scones - bagged two in one!  The scones are gone!!

As I was giving the chooks a clean out of their house today, Morgan wandered around the garden with his feathery friend while I removed chookpoo!  He got the better deal of that one!!  I don't know what the girlies are up to today, so far there are no eggs, I will go an investigate a bit later on to see if they snuck in to their clean quarters and produced.

And, yesterday, I needed to do some grocery shopping and a tub of ice cream fell in my trolley - parents only you know, this is a big tub!  You know when you start something and you feel like finishing it, well I resisted the urge and it has gone back in the freezer.

I've made a card to go on my stockpile for Etsy/craft fair.  I have played along with Mo's  Challenge #96 - something blue.  I've used Mo's Angelina's balloons for this one.  Don't you just love the hair.  I'm going to have to have a run on these as she is so cute.

I'm currently colouring some houses, some of Mo's latest designs.  Will show you these when they are more finished.

I have added a link over on the right for my Etsy shop, if you do go have a look, any feedback will be welcomed, I've not sold my cards before so I am not sure of how much to charge for them - I don't often go to a card shop to buy a ready make card!

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