Saturday, 20 August 2011


I am just about keeping awake today, took Brian to get picked up by a coach to go to an RAF camp - coach pick up stupid-early-morning o'clock as in I didn't fall into bed until just after 2am. I'm just about keeping on top of functioning!!

In between sorting out the kids, I have been sorting out my cards.  I have taken the plunge and opened an Etsy store and didn't realise I had so many handmade cards floating about!  So, a load of them are now on Etsy and I have called my shop SarahsScraporium - I kind of miss that name! Although the name is also being used somewhere else as well but some work is needed to get it finished.  I have kept some cards back as I am planning on doing some craft fairs - I have two with my MIL lined up in September and October so I guess I will be making even more, but I don't mind that at all as it isn't as if I don't like making them.  Trouble is with card making is that I like the digital stamps and so I have had to get some decent ink cartridges for my printer, having tried the 'cheap' compatible ones, well my printer or it could be the cartridges don't get on so well and so far I have had no luck in finding decent black cartridges!

Good news on the A Level front.  Coralie is off to Lincoln Uni and my niece is just waiting to see if she gets into Queens but otherwise she has a place at Jordanstown.

Before I head off back to the craft table, well I think it is there, I can't really see it at the moment as it is a bit 'crowded' on the top bit, can I point you to a lovely friend of mine Annette.  Annette's sister Steph has cancer and is having more chemo, Annette is going to run the 10k Mouth Cancer Charity Walk at Hyde Park in London, see it says walk, Annette is training to run it at the moment.  As they say, every little helps.

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