Tuesday, 9 August 2011

070811 - Frettenham Festival

I'm a couple of days belated in posting this but well, was kerpooped by the end of Sunday, went into work yesterday and was kerpooped when I came home.  As I am 'phasing' back, I'm posting today which is in fact Tuesday - but so I don't confuse myself I'm dating it Sunday!!!

So, Sunday, Frettenham Festival, I helped out MIL at her stand - she has been a few times and is getting on a bit and needed some help, so that was me, Miss Helper.  It was a good Festival, we were going to be outside but after some chat, got into the usual (as before) indoors and set up our spot.  Mum makes loads, specialising in boxed cards, well actually she has lots of everything!

 I could get into this craft fair thing, but would need to get making stuff!  And then there comes the time when you have to figure out how much to charge for each creation, and I guess I will have to start thinking about having inserts as I don't usually do them, oh and then there are the clear bag things....

Anyway, I've put next year's date in the calendar, so I have time to craft (get my act together)!

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