Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday 24 August 2011 - housey housey

I've been 'painting' a few houses today from Mo Manning who created some divine tall houses, I've been painting most of the day!  These are some of them, I've made 6x6'ish sized cards for these, the usual 5x7 just didn't seem big enough!

Here are some more, I've been using all sorts of papers in making them.  This productivity means that I am using up paper - yay!! 

I'm moving on to Christmas trees now....

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Rain, that's what it has done most of today.  Rain = not being able to get into the garden to give it a clear up but means staying indoors playing, well that's not so bad is it!

I have some digis I purchased from Pink Petticoat, these are great little typewriters,  I've coloured them in using promarkers and tombow (for the heart).  I didn't succumb to just the typewriters mind you and have some other digis printed off ready for colouring.

This is a little stockpile of my creations using the finished product.  I've been using some papers from a 12x12 pad - can't remember which one off the top of my head.  Some Stampin' Up ribbon and some some suede cardstock (also SU).  Some other patterned papers, with the musical score on, is 7gypsies.  You may think it has been a bit of a production line, but the fun is making the cards all different but using the same (or near enough) products.

And these are the houses I mentioned the other day by Mo Manning, just a snap of some of the uncoloured ones, soon to be all coloured and then trimmed etc!

I found some bottles of Prima flowers.  I've emptied the glass bottles, which I think I am going to end up filling with buttons etc, and counted the flowers into little packs of 20s which I have popped into my Etsy store.  I've found another load, in tins this time, so going to do the same with them but think I'll pop them in the 'big' shop.  In the big shop, I have 45% off the papers in the paper/cardstock category, use coupon 45paper to get the discount :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

110822 Monday... Monday..

Right, day one of my week off while Brian is over/across the country at RAF Valley. Kids not too bad although Morgan has had a wobble today, we've not had one of those for a l-o-n-g time, but he seems ok now. I guess a culmination of the long holiday (6 weeks is way too long in my book) and Genny being out with her friends, tipped him over the edge. He wants to go to Scouts as Genny goes to Guides. Not sure if we can fix this one.  He made some cheese scones, cooking is therapeutic, he makes nice scones - bagged two in one!  The scones are gone!!

As I was giving the chooks a clean out of their house today, Morgan wandered around the garden with his feathery friend while I removed chookpoo!  He got the better deal of that one!!  I don't know what the girlies are up to today, so far there are no eggs, I will go an investigate a bit later on to see if they snuck in to their clean quarters and produced.

And, yesterday, I needed to do some grocery shopping and a tub of ice cream fell in my trolley - parents only you know, this is a big tub!  You know when you start something and you feel like finishing it, well I resisted the urge and it has gone back in the freezer.

I've made a card to go on my stockpile for Etsy/craft fair.  I have played along with Mo's  Challenge #96 - something blue.  I've used Mo's Angelina's balloons for this one.  Don't you just love the hair.  I'm going to have to have a run on these as she is so cute.

I'm currently colouring some houses, some of Mo's latest designs.  Will show you these when they are more finished.

I have added a link over on the right for my Etsy shop, if you do go have a look, any feedback will be welcomed, I've not sold my cards before so I am not sure of how much to charge for them - I don't often go to a card shop to buy a ready make card!

Saturday, 20 August 2011


I am just about keeping awake today, took Brian to get picked up by a coach to go to an RAF camp - coach pick up stupid-early-morning o'clock as in I didn't fall into bed until just after 2am. I'm just about keeping on top of functioning!!

In between sorting out the kids, I have been sorting out my cards.  I have taken the plunge and opened an Etsy store and didn't realise I had so many handmade cards floating about!  So, a load of them are now on Etsy and I have called my shop SarahsScraporium - I kind of miss that name! Although the name is also being used somewhere else as well but some work is needed to get it finished.  I have kept some cards back as I am planning on doing some craft fairs - I have two with my MIL lined up in September and October so I guess I will be making even more, but I don't mind that at all as it isn't as if I don't like making them.  Trouble is with card making is that I like the digital stamps and so I have had to get some decent ink cartridges for my printer, having tried the 'cheap' compatible ones, well my printer or it could be the cartridges don't get on so well and so far I have had no luck in finding decent black cartridges!

Good news on the A Level front.  Coralie is off to Lincoln Uni and my niece is just waiting to see if she gets into Queens but otherwise she has a place at Jordanstown.

Before I head off back to the craft table, well I think it is there, I can't really see it at the moment as it is a bit 'crowded' on the top bit, can I point you to a lovely friend of mine Annette.  Annette's sister Steph has cancer and is having more chemo, Annette is going to run the 10k Mouth Cancer Charity Walk at Hyde Park in London, see it says walk, Annette is training to run it at the moment.  As they say, every little helps.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

070811 - Frettenham Festival

I'm a couple of days belated in posting this but well, was kerpooped by the end of Sunday, went into work yesterday and was kerpooped when I came home.  As I am 'phasing' back, I'm posting today which is in fact Tuesday - but so I don't confuse myself I'm dating it Sunday!!!

So, Sunday, Frettenham Festival, I helped out MIL at her stand - she has been a few times and is getting on a bit and needed some help, so that was me, Miss Helper.  It was a good Festival, we were going to be outside but after some chat, got into the usual (as before) indoors and set up our spot.  Mum makes loads, specialising in boxed cards, well actually she has lots of everything!

 I could get into this craft fair thing, but would need to get making stuff!  And then there comes the time when you have to figure out how much to charge for each creation, and I guess I will have to start thinking about having inserts as I don't usually do them, oh and then there are the clear bag things....

Anyway, I've put next year's date in the calendar, so I have time to craft (get my act together)!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

040811 Playtime

Yay, my pens have arrived, well they came yesterday but I was too tired to play straight away, but not too tired to whip them out of their packets and into the pen holder that came with them!

So, today, as not at work, I have used them alongside my usual promarkers and copics.
I used them to colour in a Mo Manning digi stamp.  Copics for the skin tones, a mix of promarkers and spectrum noirs for the dress and bench, spectrum noirs for the hair.  I've yet to colour in the ice cream cone and finish off around the bench - I got waylaid!! 

Back to work tomorrow, I'm getting back slowly, doing Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays then after our hols will be back to my usual four days.  Not overly happy about that, but being a conveyancing secretary they like you to a minimum of four days!  Maybe tomorrow it won't rain all day!!!

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