Wednesday, 27 July 2011

270711 - yeah, yeah

I know, I've not blogged, not a lot has gone on you see, just meandering along.  And now, I find myself at the end of being off after my op and will be back at work on Monday.  I'm looking forward to having some different company during the day, not that I haven't liked being at home, but well, I have been kind of confined to quarters as I haven't been up to much!  I am back for a couple of weeks and then as Brian is off to RAF Valley rather than muck around trying to sort out the kids, I've used some holiday, so it's kinda two weeks on and two weeks off.  I know September seems far away, but in reality I fear it will be coming along and biting us on the bum!

It's also the first week of the school summer holidays.  When they go back in September, Genny will be in her last year of juniors, although I have bought some school uniform, she has clothes for a 12-13 year old.  She will be 11 in September, she doesn't fit age 11 clothes!  Morgan has had a tremendous 7 months at his new school, we are thankful for him being at a school that is attuned to his needs and he has excelled considering he missed a heck of a lot of school these past few years.  Ben had such a good school report for his first year, let's hope that he continues in doing so well.  He seems keen to go back as a year one.

I do have a list of things to do - or should I say things that involve playing - I keep getting waylaid but I found some time yesterday to do a Mo challenge.  This is challenge #92 summer challenge.  I've used the lemons digi stamp (one of my chosen stamps from my recent win!).  I thought summer = lemonade!  I've used some deja-vu papers in a pad that I have had for a while (!) some ribbon and some primas just to finish it off. 

So, I am off to meander some more :)

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