Saturday, 16 July 2011

160711 - having a bit of a strut!

Some posts down, I entered a contest that Mo had for her new stamp Trudy's party dress.  Well, I'm having a little strut as I was one of the winners of the challenge :)  I'm looking forward to having a little shop and playing some more :)  It certainly adds some sunshine to this rather soggy Saturday.

No chance of going out in the garden for fun stuff today.  I have gotten soaked checking on the chooks as I took the opportunity for a brief respite  in rain drops to pop out and then it decided to chuck it down whilst I was at the other end of the garden, hey ho!  This also means three kids indoors with periods of trying to beat each other up, at the moment {thankfully} they are playing nice - to which if you have ever seen Toy Story, think Woody speaking to the little guy and telling him to 'play nice'.

To entertain myself, I'm off to play with colouring pens and join in Mo's current challenge and also get my mojo tickled by some of the other bloggies that are in my viewing list :)

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