Friday, 17 June 2011

Two on a Friday

It has been a funny old Friday.  I fear I have gotten over excited today and done too much, sorry if TMI but the scar area is feeling quite sore today, well all of me is feeling a big saggy around the edges!  Anyway, to take my mind off feeling sorry for myself, I've played along with the Paperplay challenge - at the beach.  I've used a Magnolia for this one and added in some sand & glitter for the beach effect.  I trimmed down a sheet of 8x8 HOTP paper for the background paper.  I thnk that I should have put a button on instead of the butterfly but having had a cuttlebug butterfly frenzie earlier today, thought I better use one!!!  Oh, it's still raining!  In fact, it's now chucking it down here in North Norfolk.  The kids are in bed {loose term}, I'm now off to find some caffeine and pop the next True Blood disc in the dvd player - I'm currently watching TB from season one - thanks to my work buddy who has provided me with TB entertainment while I am recuperating.  I just have to ensure I have the pause button to hand in case small humans wander downstairs!!!


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