Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oooopsie - me bad

I haven't been blogging, despite still being around!  I think my mojo went for a walk after the splurges of creativity I have had (although perhaps all the splurges wore me out!) I am pleased to say though that it is working its way back.

I have been playing with some of the new Tim Holtz kraft resist paper.  I got out the cherry red glimmer mist which I promptly managed to decorate my little finger and despite several showers, it is now a delicate shade of pink!

The TH paper is fun to play with.  I made some paper flowers using a scallop nestabilitie and then scoring and folding.  I guess now that I have a few, I should do something with them but they look pretty on my craft table for now ;)

And here you have the fruits (some of them) from the allotment.  Fresh gooseberries.  I've frozen them, didn't bother to top and tail as if you freeze them just as they are when you come to want to use them just shake them around in a colander and the tops/tails should just come off.  We had some strawberries - didn't last long - raspberries, turned into a crumble and eaten before the day was out and also some blackcurrants.  I've turned them into a puree as they are going to become ice cream.  The ice cream maker is currently freezing and then will have to get the cream to get that started off.  Going by the smell of the pureed blackcurrants it is going to taste divine.

If you head over to the shop, I've got some of the lovely Tatty Button stamps in stock.  These are ready to go as they have cushion mount on them already.  I've got these on free p&p at the moment along with Spellbinder dies and the Catslife Press stamps (and the remaining kraft resist paper stash).

So for now, Genny has headed out to Guides - painting salt dough creations if the plan is going as planned!!  I'm going to be back in leader mode when we return after the school holidays although all being well and I am running on more cylinders that I currently am, I will get to the last meeting of the term.  I'm hoping, if we can get the transport sorted, that Ben can start Beavers later this year when he turns 6, he asks about going to Guides, but well, that's not going to happen!!  And, talking about turning 6, this wee one turns 18 this week - time flies eh! Coralie has her birthday then is off on a girlie (I think!) trip to hotter climes!  Yes, she has a card but it's not going here just yet!!!

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