Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday 3 June 2011

So, it's been two weeks and a day since I went in for my op.  Which didn't quite go to plan, ended up with an 8.25" cut due to hemorrhaging and some bags of O Neg {thanks to those that donate blood, especially the O Negs}.  I'm left with Olivia the ovary (named by KT!) the other one was part of the problem.  Am on the mend, albeit slowly, it sure takes a lot out of you and I lose the ooompf to do anything, not surprising I guess.  Anyway, on the road to recovery what has been taken away is better out than in, and slow steps and all that.

Interspersed with the periods of mooching around, I have managed over the course of two days got some creativity out of the system, I've come to the conclusion that sitting is not that comfy and prefer to have the legs stretched out!!  

The first is for the Paperplay challenge, which is citrus splash with the challenge to use orange, yellow and green.  I played with a Spellbinder shapeabillity, a lovely doily one, some Kim Hodges and Chatterbox papers and other bits lying around. 

Then I had a go at the Twisted Card Sketch #61.  I feel that it needs something else, but for now this will do.  The twist is summer, I thought the strawberry sticker sums that one up.  I need a sentiment stamp which says "you are sweet" or something like that.  May have to just do it myself in Word and go from there :) not today though!

Before I pootle off, thanks for all the well wishes, I know it is a slow recovery and I will be good and not do anything stupid!   

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