Monday, 2 May 2011

Monday 2 May 2011

Woah, what a great few days have been had.  My Canadian family (well three of them, Rob, Myrna & Cody) came for a visit, the last leg of their 6 week vacation from Canada, they have spent a few weeks in South Africa and now it was our turn.  First stop with mum and dad and a trip to Ireland to visit my brother and his family, this was their first meeting and about time too!  Then it was my turn (yay!).  As always though, the time went way too fast.

We went into Norwich on Wednesday where I took them to the cathedral and then for a mooch around the town, mum and dad as well and we had a rather scrummy lunch in M&S.

This is the best way to get the whole of bell tower in a photo!

Then Thursday into Cromer, had to walk along the pier and then they got a good look at the lifeboat.  It was a bit windy, but we survived and it didn't rain.  We had a fish and chip lunch at  Mary Jane's and then we headed off to Blickling Hall.

We spent a good few hours at Blickling Hall - my first time there as well.  House is amazing, I think that they were blown away by the history.  The gardens were fab, Myrna and me went and had to go find out what the 'sitooterie' was - a place where you go and sit ooot.  Afterwards, we headed back to the fort for a roast lamb dinner.
Then it was a drive down to Heathrow where we stayed over at the Travelodge.  On the way down though, well.... you don't see this every day.  A pig in the road.  Brian took on the role of pig herder and got the sow back in the field.!!  The morning came too quickly and we had breakfast, watching the big tv's as they were departing on the 'wedding day'. Being a woose, we said our goodbyes, I can't do these at the airport anymore as I just want to go too!!  They are back safe and sound in Canada, roll on the next visit.  Cody misses Ben and the feeling is mutual!

After that excitement.  Took some of the Guides snow tubing on Sunday to the Norfolk Snowsports Centre.  No broken bones and they had a fab time.  I was content to watch!

Genny, with her 'tube' on the 'escalator' before going up the slope for another slide down!

Today, a few of the Guides had their belated royal wedding party today at the Sheringham Guide HQ joining in with the Sheringham and Cromer guide units. They decorated cupcakes, wrote in a card that is going to be sent to Clarence House and some other stuff, including a buffet!  I also got my leadership badge so I am a fully fledged leader now, or have been committed!!

Finally, I have in between all this excitement, managed to get a Chicken Soup in the bag.  Although it has been in my head for a couple of days it finally squeezed its way out.  Check out the inspiration and this is what I have got out of my head!!

I'm now back to work tomorrow, just 8 work days left before I head off to the NNUH.  I hope the girls at work are still talking to me!!

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