Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday 24 April 2011

The sun has been out today, although there was bit of a chill to the wind.  Despite that, another lovely day in Norfolk.  Excited kids, the day of "Spring Spheres", yeah Easter Egg day for those that do the religious thing!  Bowls at the ready, they went off into the garden in search of foiled chocolate.  It's a surprise they aren't feeling sick the amount they have consumed!

Armed and ready for the hunt.                  Found!

I think Morgan was going tunnelling!                           I think this says it all!  Devoured!

And interspersed with all this eating of chocolate (by those of school age), a little mouse with his cuppa and a cupcake.

And lastly for today.

Although, I have some finished coloured in images, for the 'topper' box ready to be stuck down.

I have had the sakuras out as well, so there is some glittery colours on these.
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