Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday 10 April 2011

Not done much!!  Work, home, work, home, Guides..blah blah you get the story a bit of an uneventful couple of weeks, apart from getting the date for my op, there hasn't been much excitement going on!!  We have had some lovely weather, some of it spent at work!!  Now it's the spring term holidays so a full house of kidlets - yay - another week of work, a couple of days then I am off and I am solooking forward to some Canadian family stopping for a few days.

Yesterday I started dusting the bedroom, which turned into a mammoth move of the room and now I am suffering from self-inflicted "it didn't hurt at the time" syndrome!  Bus and run over by, spring to mind!!!  It resulted also in Genny gaining a chest of drawers and me having a bit of a sort out and rediscovering some Bazzill - will be trimming some of that down to 6x6!  Today, after spending the morning doing a first aid course - part of my Guiding hat - came home and flicked through my blog list.  Stopped by the Chicken Soup, light bulb moment and voila - used using scraps from the November 2010 ATDML retreat (and looking forward to October 2011) and a Magnolia stamp.

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