Saturday, 5 February 2011


It is very blustery today!  I did brave the gusts and went to check on the chooks, all fine, topped up their grub, between them they had laid 3 eggs (an improvement) and they all looked a bit windswept!  I did get a cuddle with one of the Bluebelles although had to put her down quick as she was going for the goodies I had bought them and she was a tad mucky.

I finished a jumper that has taken me two evenings to knit, I did have issues with the sleeves, started to sew them in the wrong way round and had to unpick, but, second time lucky and now Ben's bear has a jumper.  Not fabulous but it will do and thanks to those that helped me out with finding a knitting pattern :)

Made a card (wow) for someone who is retiring from work.  I just need to get back into this making things with paper again as it seems to have drifted off somewhere, if anyone finds it, throw it back :)  I am looking forward to my crop day in March (yay) buddies from all over coming to spend the day in Norfolk and cut, stick, natter, knit and maybe just chat and not do anything else as it is a great time to catch up.
And I succumbed to some more Catslife Press Stamps and also have some on the website.  I will be getting some more nestablities as well so if there are any specific that are must haves, drop me a line and I will add them to the list of wants!  

Morgan is in school this weekend, I know he has been out today and tomorrow Brian is going over to see him, Morgan gave a shopping list - he is running out of chewies!  We have had less phone calls this week so I guess they are keeping them busy in the evening, it's all good :)

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