Sunday, 23 January 2011


Oh my, how many days is it into January!!  Morgan is now in residential school - golly gosh that was a hard day taking him there - he appears to be settling in ok, this weekend is his first 'in school' weekend, we went over to take him out for the afternoon yesterday which was lovely having not seen him since the Monday morning.  They spent a couple of hours running around an activity playground thing, let's just say that thankfully Morgan gets a shower twice a day!!

Crafting wise I haven't done much, my bad.  Not felt like it to be honest as seem to be up to ears in sorting out Guides!  Planning for the term, on my own as the young leader that helps out is in the midst of exams and the guider in charge, well I have replaced her.  Burn night on our next meeting so they are making shortbread as well as doing their Go For Its! Thankfully (I think) Guides do a bit more of their own planning and one of the things they wanted to do is snow tubing {google it if you are not sure} and so I have booked them in for as session.... in May!!! 

When popping out to see the chooks today, I have had words with the three browns, took each one into the egg laying accommodation and showed them where they should be sitting.  I am envisaging that somewhere in the garden there is a stock pile of eggs which they have laid!  Anyway, they have been told and shown where they should be going, once a day ideally, to lay some eggies, I wonder if it has sunk in!

And for now, children that are here require bathing, so as the littlest one seems to get everything wet out side of the bath, need to find my waterproofs!!

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