Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ciao 2011

We are seeing 2011 out with the acquisition of some more girls (aka chickens).  Popped out today to Roughton and the intention was to get some Marans and Light Sussex.  We came home with two Cuckoo Marans and two Orpingtons!  They are in the 'old' coup settling in and we will introduce the older girlies to them over the next few days.

The two cuckoo marans.  One is Morgan's - the red head - and he has given her the name of Speckles and mine is Sheila.

And the two orpingtons, MC has been claimed by Ben and Genny has called her girl Clover.  You can tell which one is Clover if you see her, she has a toe less on one foot.  They are very fluffy and are now tucked up in their new home.

There was some clucking from ours and peering through the chicken run fence at the new girls but I think that they will be fine now they have had a good look at each other.  We'll see how they get on tomorrow!

Just a few hours left and we are into 2012.  Who knows what it will bring but we have a list of things to do! 

Decluttering the house
Destashing - although I have made a start with getting things onto eBay
I have an Open University course that starts Feb - looking forward to it.
Reducing our BMIs... losing a few pounds (about 24 of them for me).
Work on The Scraporium
Enjoy life!

I hope you realise some, if not all, of your dreams for 2012.
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars

Friday, 30 December 2011

Nearing the end...

..of 2011. And so I have taken down the tree and decorations and we are sliding back to normality - I've got Mr Sheen out and we are getting rid of some dust bunnies together. I managed to move one of the dressers (thankfully we have wooden floors which makes this easier than trying to move stuff on a carpet) and got the cobwebbie things out of the way, although I think it was a case of accumulated dust bunnies rather than cobwebs - there were no 8 legged things hiding behind it!

We're getting our bedroom organised, with the influx of RAF kit, one wardrobe is now not enough so Brian can have his and I will have mine (the new one!), also a new set of drawers for the boys room, they have a wardrobe but it is really a waste of space seeing what is hanging up will quite easily fit into a set of drawers.  Also got another little set of drawers, to go under the stairs, this is for my Guide paperwork (didn't realise the "job" came with so much) and for Brian's Air Cadet papers, as at the moment, it is in various parts of the house.

Then we have the craft de-stash.  I have sorted through my Sizzix dies and some of these are now in the land of eBay, I've been going through the books as well and have a few of these, put a couple on Amazon and now waiting for a free listing day which is usually around this time after Christmas.  I can't yet part with my Chatterbox books, they have gone back on the shelf (as have a couple of other books that aren't going anywhere just yet!).

On the car front, the other side have settled although the poor Lancia came off the worse for wear and so Brian has gone to collect our belongings and William (you have to give your car a name) has gone off to be scrapped.  The damage caused by the other driver was too much for repair, not helped by the fact that the Lancia is no longer made.  We have got a replacement (thanks to my mum) and have got a 7-seater Zafira.  I drove it home after depositing the hire car back to the hire car company and it is a really nice drive, very comfy seats which I need otherwise my back will go off on one.  So a thanks to Wootton Motor Company for having one available.  We've call the car Pezer (Pizza!), I told you you had to give your car a name :)

Now my coffee break is over, time to get back to getting rid of the remaining dust bunnies and make a start on my 'it is tidy really' craft space.  If I can get the craft books rehomed I will have a space that I can refill :) you have to look on the bright side of things.

Monday, 26 December 2011


We had roast gammon yesterday for Christmas dinner with these green beauties, nothing like a fresh sprout or two, and some yorkshire puddings, freshly made with fresh eggs from the chooks, or rather chook as, despite having four chickens, they are being a bit lax on the laying of eggs, the browns seem to have gone on strike and so the bluebelles are taking it in turns.  

We had a late tea, gammon and/or roast pork sandwiches, followed by the Christmas pudding, and then it was time for Dr Who and as there was nowt on after the Dr that we wanted to watch, we cracked open the latest Transformers DVD which those of us that watched it totally enjoyed- not the same without Megan but at least my fave was still in it (Josh!).  Caught the end of Michael McIntyre and then watched him (creasing up several times) until staggering up to bed (not full of alcohol just knackered) to fall into zzzzzzz land.

And here are the munchkins with some of their wares, not sure what Ben is holding up I think it is a Ben10 thing and Genny is now quite adept at using her curling tongs.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the season, come tomorrow we embark on a car hunt  (thanks to my mum for the super, gratefully received, love you forever help with this) to replace William. May you have a super 2012.

I'll get back to my Tanquery, liquid seems to digest better than solids at the moment and doesn't need to use cutlery ;)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday, Sunday..

Panto day today - all being well with the weather - and a thank you to Allison who has kindly offered to act as a personal taxi service back and forth to the Panto at Sheringham tonight for Dick Whittington and his cat.  Genny has been ready since I got up asking how long it was before we went!

We had a flurry of white stuff, aka snow, this morning at one point it looked like it was going to stay but at this moment in time there is zilch.  

I was just going to pop out and check on the chooks to see if they had headed off to bed, saw the sky and thought, gosh, got to get a picture of that!  It is very pretty but also has that air of foreboding but whatever is contained in those clouds can float away somewhere else, or at least until after 8.30pm when we should all be firmly back indoors.

As to the car, the hire car place never phoned back yesterday and when I tried to call them there were shut, so, no car to get to work first thing on Monday morning.  But, first thing Monday morning a telephone call will be made!  Today though, the 'other side' called, their aim to make things better!  Not sure what that means unless a new car turns up on the doorstep!

And, I am making something, on the way to making my first stepper card!

Saturday, 17 December 2011


This isn't much of a creative post, in that I haven't made anything to show you as yet - got a tag happening but today has been an out of sorts one.

Last night had a great catch up with Allison and Nick, both super peeps and very busy and if you love rock photography I am going to blatantly pimp Nick!  I fear that the hazelnut chocolate wafers that came with them are no more ;)

Today is out of sorts as our Lancia Dedra has been smashed in the front.  Brian was off on his way to Swaffham when he slowed down due to the road conditions but got smacked in the front and so the car is now at recovery to be taken off to a garage.  Repairable, we think not!!!  Brian came out ok, albeit with some aches, will see how he is tomorrow.  And, so, this means that tomorrow I won't be going to the panto :(  but thankfully Genny is able to go, as there is space in a car that is taking some of the other Guides that are off to panto land.  And I have to thank my unit helper Katy for taking Genny along.

Some good things for today, doors and windows shut and Genny finds a dragonfly on our windowsill, how cool is that!


And, finally, working at the seaside has its benefits :) went to lunch on Thursday with some of the girls and this is what I have for scenery on the walk back to the office :)

Now, got to wait for the hire car for Monday so I can get to work for the rest of the week and then see what is going to happen to William the Dedra.  Ho Hum!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tagging - day 7

I've now finished day 7 of Tim's Tags.  Took a while for this one as I had stuff that required drying time - well a lot of it needed to dry!  This is Tim's tag......

This is my tag.  I have used..... kraft resist cardstock which I have stamped, not sure that can be seen, then used some distress ink and then after that, gave it some glimmer mist.  Then had to wait a bit for the tag to dry.

My holly leaves are made of kraft resist cardstock, I hand cut the holly leaves then inked the up using some distress reinker, then had to wait for them to dry!  Once dry, coated them in some crackle glaze, guess what, had to let them dry!!

My branch is just hand cut, painted with some gold acrylic paint (had to wait for that to dry!), then once dry gave it a coat with some picket fence crackle glaze, and you've guessed it, had to wait for it to dry!  Then I popped some distress stickles on it.  I've stuck the lace and holly leaves down using my glue gun (saves waiting for silicone glue to dry eh :)  I have some little holly berry sprigs so snipped them off the wire and glue gunned them down as well.  I've used a little die-namic die to cut the embellishment (distressed it a bit) and stamped it with one of my favourite little Christmas stamps in Stampin' up chocolate chip.  A bit of ribbon, swirl clip and a bauble metal charm finish it off.  I'm rather pleased with this one.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tagging - 2 & 4....

Tim's tag #2, my version, I have a grungeboard reindeer but didn't want to use it - it still looks good in the packet!!  So, I got my Sizzix snowman out instead!  I've used a Tim die for the bottom border and for the 25, found some Mica sheets so sizzix-i-fied that through the cuttlebug and then got the crackle glaze out.  For the tag, I've used some Tim kraft resist cardstock, used white acrylic paint which I rubbed off and then went over that with some walbut stain.  Found some Making Memories Merry Christmas charmed words, got out the clips and charms tub and here we go, voila!

Looking through the Tim's tags I guess this is a mix up of day 2 and day 4 :)


Friday, 9 December 2011

I've done it!!!

Yeah baby, Tim's tag #1 is done!!  So it is now day 9, it has taken me this long to get started/finished, but then I had to let things dry .

So, this is Tim's tag......  I have on my list the pinecone die, that is just so neat! Plus, you don't have to just make pinecones with it :)

This is mine...

I used a piece of cardstock, cuttlebug embossed it with my snowflake embossing folder, versamarked it and then embossed with blue embossing powder - rubbing some off before heating it up.  Then I finished off with some inking using the broken china distress ink pad.

'Noel' is made using chipboard letters all glittered up.  My vine leaves are a sizzix vine die and I dug out my holly quickutz die (forgot I had that!).  The 'musical paper' that Tim used, mine is a strip of Graphic45!  And can you see that pinecone, as I said I don't have the die, but I did have some pinecones, glittered them up and stuck it down (it seems to be firmly stuck) with some good old silicone glue.  My ribbon is a piece of 7gypsies twinkle, twinkle little star twill that I have coloured using some walnut stain.  I'm happy :)

And, if you like the Core'dinations cardstock, the My Minds Eye in store is currently at £14.99, until they run out.  Just click on the picture to go to the product.

As the car has died - well the alternator has died - the car is in the garage and I can't get into work today - don't fancy the 2hour bus journey! So, taken the day as holiday, which means.....  finishing of Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, playing with paper...   And tonight is the work's do, we are off to Pinewoods at Bodham for our meal and boogie.  Brian is coming too, late night home (taxi picking up at 00:00hrs) hopefully won't have a headache in the morning as I have the Briston Sports & Social Christmas fair in the afternoon - which I also have to finish up a few things for.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

stamping... sticking...

 Today has been a stamping and sticking day.  I've had a production line of cards using a new set of stamps, I've gone simple, just stamped straight on to the card (and not necessarily straight, I can't seem to do that!).  Raised up the sentiment that is going in the centre of the bauble and voila.  Oh, and just drew the hanging bit.  I've also used some sakura pens and also glazed some of the baubles, not sure that you can see that bit though.

I may get to finish Tim's tag #1.

A craft desk isn't a craft desk unless it looks like this!  I have been making some mini desk calendars getting ready for the Briston Sports & Social Christmas fair on Saturday afternoon.  These are going along with the bits that have been made, ranging from snowman poop and reindeer droppings to candy cane mice 

Some of the calendars all bagged up and ready to go.

Other bits also all ready to go and I am hoping not to bring any home :)

All in all a good crafting day.  Not so happy on the car front, the alternator has packed up, ho hum, just in time for Christmas.  The car is in the garage and so it is now a case of waiting to see what the £££s damage is going to be.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Paper time..

So, what with Tim and his 12 tags of Christmas, my friend Izzy posted a link for some wonderful trees on the Martha Stewart site.  They are quick - mine didn't take too long - and for what they are I think they are quite amazing, all you need is an old magazine, a bone folder if you have one and I have used some glitter spray.


It is a simple case of stage 1, folding the right hand page over into the spine....

Stage 2, fold the page again into the spine, so you end up with a 'tie' shape.  I did this for each page rather than doing stage 1 for all the pages and then going back for stage 2.

Stage 3, tuck the ends under so you get a flat bottom to make the base.

Then if you have some glitter spray, give it some glitter (in a well ventilated room if you are using spray).

And there you have it, your magazine tree.  Shame you can't see the sparkle so much.  I'm not quite finished, the glitter itself is coming out to play :)

For the complete Martha Stewart video, please click here.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Paper folding! This is one of today's activities.  I am in the process of making an origami flower decoration, making these little beauties, I have more to make and found the instructions really easy to make something that looks rather complicated (in my head anyway!). 

I found the instructions looking for something completely different, lost my thread and went for the paper :) totally forgot what I was originally looking for :)

As well as making these, had to go out and get some Guide things - 12 swiss rolls and the stuff to make chocolate icing.  The lady on the till did look a bit bemused by the number of swiss rolls on the conveyer but when I told her what they were for she thought it was a great idea and wondered if she could come along too.  We are also doing baubles, polystyrene ones that we (they) are going to be attaching sequins on.  It should be a fun night.  We don't have a meeting next week as most of the Guides are at their school play which means our next meeting will be the last before Christmas, party time.  The older girls are planning this one for their party planner badge, I've just got to get some pass the parcel bits sorted out for it and other little bits and then it will be another term and planning will begin (not that it hasn't already) for the spring term!!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I've made a Finnish star today, courtesy of Anam and the MME newsletter.  Anam says it is really easy and it is, you may find yourself making more than one!!

Anam's blog has a link to the MME newsletter which gives the instructions, but basically all you need are 12 strips of paper - I have used a 12x12 sheet that I have trimmed down to 1" strips to make my star.

Then you do some laying down of the paper and get the glue out to stick some down.

You make two of the bases, and then I have used some foam pads to mount mine up and stick the two together.  You do a little bit of folding and some sticking down and voila, one Finnish star.

Have fun :) 

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