Thursday, 16 December 2010

What's white and falls out of the sky... rather big blobs! Snow, but you knew that [right].  It's off again, in fact it hasn't stopped for a good couple of hours now.  Mojo is taking a back seat, have a couple more cards to do {some soup to catch up on} but I'm afraid, tonight is Vamp night.  So I became a couch spud and watched Vampire Diaries.  The house has some excited children in, it being their last day at school before the holidays tomorrow.  I hope the snow doesn't stop Morgan getting into school.  He is taxied over to Coltishall and it is his leaving day tomorrow, we'll see, it may stop snowing at some point whilst I am catching some Zzzzzzzs.  Oh, and if anyone comes across a sticker that says 'aim here' that goes in the toilet bowl, please let me know.  The wee lad {no pun intended} has a tendency to miss {too frequently}!

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