Wednesday, 20 October 2010

100 years - Vision - 20:10 20/10 2010

Guiding.... 100 years - The Centenary year is a year long celebration of 100 years of guiding. It’s been 100 years since the rally at Crystal Palace where several small groups of girls approached Lord Baden–Powell and asked for ‘something like the Scouts’ but for girls only.

The girls made Toffee Apples this week. I'm not exactly sure how many actually made it home, quite a few were muched before the evening was up!! In between that, they worked on their go for its. We have half term up and when we go back, we are having a belated Halloween Party, apple bobbing is one of the games, hope they don't get toooo wet!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I couldn't put it down..

I was mucking around with Photoshop, haven't had a good old play for yonks, which showed itself up by me not being able to find certain buttons but I got there in the end! I was going to do this tomorrow, but you know how it is, started so I'll finish and all that. So this is a digi attempt, could do better etc etc, but this is going to be as good as it gets. Chicken soup #16 inspired, it's Rome (just like Clare's inspiration), I remembered the railings on the bridge of angels... so here you go.. don't laugh too much at my effort!!


I had Guider training this morning, no lie in this morning! A good day, got a bit of a module signed off as well. Lots to do and I am hoping that I can get qualified in the 6 months. It was great to meet other Guiders, and those that work with Guides like me. Sharing ideas and making hovercrafts out of cd's and those tops of bottles that are bad for your teeth, you know the ones that you pull up and a balloon, not forgetting playing with a glue gun!!!!

And then coming home and cooking, not cooking per se, but cooking with Chicken Soup recipe #15. I had painted a canvas the day after I got it at Ally Pally and it has sat there, waiting for something. Well, that something hit it today! Sizzix ghost die, rubons and some felt fusion are some of the bits that have hit the canvas :) Painted with a dauber and I did spritz some glimmer mist so it is a bit sparkly. I feel better now, so much so that I am going to play with some more, especially as tonight's Merlin isn't on until a bit later :)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Vamps and a Bombshell .....

Ok, so I borrowed the Season 2 set of True Blood, that was my weekend! I had thought to myself, that I would stretch it out over a bit longer, but, you know how it is, the end of one episode of something you like so you go and watch the next.... and the next... So, that's what I did, 12 epiodes in a weekend. I feel all vamped out now, but not quite enough, Vampire Diaries new season was on so I caught that last night too :) I am happy!!

I did get one of my bombshells done, she has a catslife press stamp too :) colouring in with copics and promarkers, colouring in is not just for kids :) oh and one of my Tim Holtz sizzix dies (cut on the cuttlebug).

Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm just saying...

That the stamps I have bought for my birthday have arrived. I now own my first set of Bombshell stamps - that is KT's fault really you have to see what she does with hers!! And, my Catslife Press stamps :) I have stamped them all, coloured in one of the Bombshell girls, not quite happy with the colouring so will have another go, I have to get more copics/promarkers, I guess they will have to go on the Christmas list :)

I should concentrate and get some new stuff for the online shop, Bombshells and Catspress Life stamps are onthe list :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A full month!

The thing about October in my family is that it is a month of birthdays, 5 in all starting on the 1st and finishing on the 24th. From some money that I got for my birthday I had a little splurge on some more stamps, awaiting delivery {impatiently}, I had hoped that they would have landed on my doormat today, but nope, my day off and not here. I guess, sods law and all that, that maybe tomorrow they will land and then I will have to go to work and pine for the rest of the day!!

Of some of the birthdays I have been playing with my Lili of the Valley collection, maybe at some point the realisation of how many fell into my shopping basket at Ally Pally will become apparent!!!

This one is for one of the birthdays that falls on the 8th. I've coloured her in using both promarkers and copics and added a hint of stickles. I cut the scalloped circle on my cricut, which I must really use more often!

The boy and the boat, for the 11th. Ok so it is for someone just a few years younger than me but I do like this image and again, copics and promarkers for colouring in, which itself is really, really therapeutic.

I have some more to do! So, I had best get on hand't I :)

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Ahh the weekend is here. Made cupcakes on Thursday night, after coming back from Slimming World and amazingly lost 3lbs which got me a sticker (lost a stone now, yay). Did have some dinner first before making cupcakes otherwise I probably would have eaten some!

Birthday on Friday, a fab day, did slosh and emptied the bottle of wine in the evening!! Which has meant a bit of a headache this fine Saturday morning!! And, trying not to devour the Thorntons truffles in one go :)

Saturday and made some cards, it's therapeutic especially when one does have a fluffy feeling head :) These are my new Lili of the Valley stamps - well a couple of them ;) My parents are en route so it will be a full house once they arrive. Think it is now time to post this and find something to pop in my stomach as it is now becoming aggrieved that I haven't fed it since breakfast.

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