Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday... ooops

Ok, so it is Wednesday, well Wedsnight really, so what's been going on....

Monday - back to school day for two of the kidlets - which went well.

Tuesday - first day for our little fella at his 'new school' he only went for the morning - this silly half a day here and there - but thoroughly enjoyed himself. No school for him today, he's back again tomorrow afternoon.

Morgan, well the taxi collection has been pants. His timetable had him starting at 9.30 am today, taxi arrives at.... 9.30am so he missed two sessions. He isn't in school tomorrow but back on Friday, let's hope that the taxi turns up when it should as he is timetabled for a 9.15am start. We will see, if it doesn't feathers will be flying at pupil transport.

My phone is coming.... yay.. yay... took me forever to pick one and I phoned Vodafone this afternoon (impatient mare you say) and they told me that it will be 7-10 days as they are waiting for deliveries. But, checking emails having got in from bellydancing and it is on it's way, should be here tomorrow... happy dance. His nibs is happy as he gets my old one!

What else... dentist for Ben today :( poor soul had to have fillings in his little baby teeth. He was brave, got two stickers and also when we popped into Morribums he got a brand new toothbrush and his own special toothpaste. We are weaning him off fruit juice and getting him to try water (ugh he says) or give him milk.

Belly dancing back on from tonight. It was good, learning a new routine which is fun looking forward to going next week and shakkin da hips :)

Back to work tomorrow, bit pants at the mo on that front. Still gets my hackles up from when I was told that I am too cheerful when answering the phone. Anyway, can't change a leopard's spots I can either answer the phone as I do or be drab and dreary and sound fed up... which one do you think!

Oh, and on the path to become a Guider!! Genny (and me) started yesterday :) another thing to look forward to and getting a bit more active in the local big wide world :)

I won't bore you with anything else, going to take a felicity fibroid painkiller as it is playing up and drift off to noddie land thinking about shimmmmmying.

Happy night y'al

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