Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday... Sunday....

I have souped again, this one came to me this morning and is what came into my head after checking Chicken Soup recipe #10.

Between that, have been out with the three kidlets and picked a miniscule number of blackberries, played pooh sticks and got my butt on the slide! Cupcakes (pink ones) backed and now cooling and they will ice them later, if they don't start eating them!!!

Made a card also the other day, for a birthday but then MIL had bought a card (I'm crap at remembering {some} birthdays!) and so the shop bought went instead, despite this one being ready to go. So, this one will be despatched elsewhere.

And, on the exercise front, two days so far of Shred30. Boy it's a killer and I am only on level 1, feeling it in the arms and tum and the legs when going down stairs! I'm determined to get shot of the excess fat baggage that I have been carrying around, I don't need to keep it so why not get rid of it :)

And, yeah, two kids go back to school tomorrow {happy dance}. Ben goes Tuesday morning, and afternoons and god knows what as he has two weeks of part time messing around. We're still waiting on where Morgie will be going, hope they decide soon that Eton Hall is the best thing for him.

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