Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So, SOFA (September's Operation Fat Arse) challenge begins! Started the day off with a half hour (and a bit) on the wiifit active (waiting impatiently for my shred 30 dvd to arrive) it does annoy me when it is telling me I am 'too slow' despite giving it my all, I was jogging around the living room doing the back leg kicks and thankfully there was no one at the bus stop outside. Despite me talking back to the 'instructor' it was a good workout. I must fiddle with the way that the nunchuck goes into the leg strap as I am sure that it is that bit which is giving me grief (answering back mode). Decided I don't like the stretchy thing so a tin of beans (etc) in each hand works better.

Bellydancing is back next week (yay) so have finally got the jingle belts ordered for me and for my friend that I shimmy with. I have missed my weekly shimmying, we will be learning a new routine which should be fun as I am sooooo uncoordinated!

And would you beleive it, the sun is out and showering the garden with its warm rays. I have been in and cleaned out the chooks, got cuddles with Beau, Belle is still a bit of a chase! I think we may have eggs from the Bluebell girls soon :) happy dance. Apparently this is the worst summer holiday for about 14 years with 25% less sunshine, I can agree with that, it has been a pants summer holiday weather wise for the kidlets. They've had their horseriding lessons in the sunshine today thankfully and now I am going to kick them out into the garden to let off some energy.

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