Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ooopsie, I'm trying not to make it a common appearance here on my blog. I really do not know where the week has gone, if someone could explain I will be most grateful!!

I am in the middle of a chicken soup recipe, in fact, it is a nuisance having to go to work as I wanted to play today! Anyway, I am off to Guides later and it may be too late to get on with my soup so it may well have to wait tomorrow :(

A certain family member is going to be 10 this week so I am sorting out party stuff, tomorrow a trip out to Asda - you know the thing, general shop and then finding bits for party bags - 10 in all, 5 for boys and 5 for girls. And then home, I WILL SOUP, then wrapping up as I will not have time on Thursday plus her ears are like radar when wrapping paper rustles. So, best to do these things whilst she is out of the house!

I am trying to organise a basic scrapbooking (crafting you don't have to scrap) retreat, I have located a fab venue, just trying to get dates as will want more than 10 to make it nice and cheap.

Anyhoooo, time to go ... be back later, or maybe tomorrow, who knows, ooops ;)

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