Thursday, 2 September 2010


I really don't understand Slimming World - where I pootle off on a Thursday evening. I thought I had eaten not so good last week but obviously something is going on within. Got shot of another pound of excess blubber - a total of 9.5lbs has gone - with my SOFA challenge I am hoping to get shot of another 6lbs by the end of the month giving me a stone gone come my birthday :) even more with any luck as I am getting into this exercising thing! Not tonight though, I did have a brisk walk at lunchtime, but have an achie left calf muscle and an achie left bicep from yesterday's activities. I'll be back on Friday though, with baked bean tins or similar to give me some weights to hang on to and give a bit more resistance.

A bit fed up at work, boredom really. A new fee earner to work for and she has been pinched by another office to cover sickness (my old fee earner who I loved working for) and me and private client just don't get on!! Although having been told that I am too chirpy when I answer the phone, well that's just pants. Maybe I won't answer it anymore . Having been answering phones for over 20 years and had no problems............ .

Retail therapy in a sense and ordered my phone upgrade. An android phone and keyboard texting, now that will be fun! Wonder how long it is going to take to get here??

Anyhoo, another day at the office tomorrow, maybe I will be dreary tomorrow ;)

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