Saturday, 18 September 2010

and so she was ten

The time goes swiftly by, and so here we are with a 10 year old. The Wrennie had her birthday party at school on the Thursday (another was booked on her actual birthday), she likes to have a birthday lunchtime party at school; sausages and beans followed by jelly this year. Even little Ben got to this one, his first school party as an attendee. He'll have a party on his birthday (or roundabout!) as well next month.

She has ended up with some birthday money, she is a bit of a spendaholic and so it is currently burning a hole in her pocket. She will be taken to hit the shops to spend some of it, she has seen a watch so no doubt that will be one thing. We're having a birthday tea party today (Sat), I have made cupcakes complete with pink icing and toppings, lots of other nibbles too. I shall be restrained and not eat rubbish, I don't want to upset all the hard work I have done. But, I shall be having a piece of birthday cake :)

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