Monday, 27 September 2010

Where have I been.... & souped up

At work last week, then, yay, Saturday off to my friend Annette's to play! We watched Prince of Persia, whilst sipping a Mojito, had a super Chinese then drifted to duvet land. Got woken up at around 7am with a coffee, then out of the house to be transported by Raymond into Norwich to catch a coach as we were heading off to Ally Pally. We picked up Soo on route (my other pretend sister) and then it was full speed ahead. We did have a bit of a detour, through a very nice village which no doubt had a high £££ for houses! Ally Pally arrived and off we went for a shop!

I got a {few} things, some Tim Holtz Sizzix dies, paper (not a lot of that) and embellishments. Found someone I hadn't seen in oh, 4 years. Anna was helping out on the one of the stalls so we had a catch up. Saw other friends, some a few times, missed some too. Yizz was there but we didn't see her and Ginger was not working this time. Ate, had coffee, caught the bus home - rained practically all the way back to Norfolk. Got collected by Raymond - who does a wicked handbrake (skid pan) turn! Had to have a cuppa coffee before setting off home - rained all the way back here too!!!

This morning I have unpacked, had a rearrangement of craft stuff in my space so I could settle down and get on with Chicken Soup #13.

And, in a few week's time, I get to see {some of} them {and more} again as off to a full blown weekend retreat.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Colour challenge...

Over at The Ribbon Girl there is a colour challenge (#1) which is to use oranges, whites and black. I have a digital stamp which was just the thing for this, and some papers which I came across on a little 'revisit of what is in this drawer'! I was going to colour kitty using one of my Tim Holtz distress pads which is somewhere but as it wasn't to hand I used my watercolour crayons, a bit of copic and some sakura gel pens too.

Now trying to get three munchkins to bed and asleep and it's not working so well!! Then, will be doing my usual Shred30 before bed!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


I was mucking around with papers and stamps, happened to pop onto Chicken Soup and recipe #12 is up, and soooooo, I thought hey I gotta stamp I want to use today, have had it in and out of the stamp box, and this recipe was the thing, mojo went off on a giddy run and I ended up with....

Got the old chatterbox papers out too and just a splattering of colouring using copics.

Most unlike me its nearly 11pm and I am still up, this is as I was having a shred at 9.30 (level 2, killer) I must be becoming a shred junkie as I missed it yesterday (back was a feeling a bit sore from, wait for it, bellydancing on Wednesday, go figure!). Anyway, I am now still feeling warm, arms are rather achy, back is well mucking me around so shoved some blu'ies one of which missed my mouth. Don't if you do like me, head back throw the pill in and gulp some water, anyway the tablet went past my mouth and I had to have a bit of a hunt as don't want small people popping it. Must have been the weights from the shred have made my arms not work right!!!

I'll soon be zonked out shortly, snuggled in duvet land, so night night from Norfolk.

and so she was ten

The time goes swiftly by, and so here we are with a 10 year old. The Wrennie had her birthday party at school on the Thursday (another was booked on her actual birthday), she likes to have a birthday lunchtime party at school; sausages and beans followed by jelly this year. Even little Ben got to this one, his first school party as an attendee. He'll have a party on his birthday (or roundabout!) as well next month.

She has ended up with some birthday money, she is a bit of a spendaholic and so it is currently burning a hole in her pocket. She will be taken to hit the shops to spend some of it, she has seen a watch so no doubt that will be one thing. We're having a birthday tea party today (Sat), I have made cupcakes complete with pink icing and toppings, lots of other nibbles too. I shall be restrained and not eat rubbish, I don't want to upset all the hard work I have done. But, I shall be having a piece of birthday cake :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


And, here we go, number two of two a day! I don't think you can see it but I have also used some glitter spray and also some glimmer mist - both of which are fun products. This is Ben, very mucky, he had probably just eaten something messy and looked cute enough to take a pic, so you see he is 'mucky but still cute'. I pulled out some of my Rouge de Garance papers, you see if you stockpile stuff for long enough at some point you will use it.

This is for Chicken Soup, recipe number #11

Ha, just to catch you out, two posts are coming up today.

First, card for a little lady who will be 10 on Friday, I must get some more silicone glue :) this will be on my list for Ally Pally which is where I am off to soooooon.

I used some digital images and just run them off onto some white card. I love the little bingo cards as well especially when they have the right number on them!!

Now I am off to finish a soup recipe, between sorting out party bags and wrapping some presents - which I am trying to get done without a small person in the vicinity as he will spill the beans :)

Toodle pip for now....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ooopsie, I'm trying not to make it a common appearance here on my blog. I really do not know where the week has gone, if someone could explain I will be most grateful!!

I am in the middle of a chicken soup recipe, in fact, it is a nuisance having to go to work as I wanted to play today! Anyway, I am off to Guides later and it may be too late to get on with my soup so it may well have to wait tomorrow :(

A certain family member is going to be 10 this week so I am sorting out party stuff, tomorrow a trip out to Asda - you know the thing, general shop and then finding bits for party bags - 10 in all, 5 for boys and 5 for girls. And then home, I WILL SOUP, then wrapping up as I will not have time on Thursday plus her ears are like radar when wrapping paper rustles. So, best to do these things whilst she is out of the house!

I am trying to organise a basic scrapbooking (crafting you don't have to scrap) retreat, I have located a fab venue, just trying to get dates as will want more than 10 to make it nice and cheap.

Anyhoooo, time to go ... be back later, or maybe tomorrow, who knows, ooops ;)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday... ooops

Ok, so it is Wednesday, well Wedsnight really, so what's been going on....

Monday - back to school day for two of the kidlets - which went well.

Tuesday - first day for our little fella at his 'new school' he only went for the morning - this silly half a day here and there - but thoroughly enjoyed himself. No school for him today, he's back again tomorrow afternoon.

Morgan, well the taxi collection has been pants. His timetable had him starting at 9.30 am today, taxi arrives at.... 9.30am so he missed two sessions. He isn't in school tomorrow but back on Friday, let's hope that the taxi turns up when it should as he is timetabled for a 9.15am start. We will see, if it doesn't feathers will be flying at pupil transport.

My phone is coming.... yay.. yay... took me forever to pick one and I phoned Vodafone this afternoon (impatient mare you say) and they told me that it will be 7-10 days as they are waiting for deliveries. But, checking emails having got in from bellydancing and it is on it's way, should be here tomorrow... happy dance. His nibs is happy as he gets my old one!

What else... dentist for Ben today :( poor soul had to have fillings in his little baby teeth. He was brave, got two stickers and also when we popped into Morribums he got a brand new toothbrush and his own special toothpaste. We are weaning him off fruit juice and getting him to try water (ugh he says) or give him milk.

Belly dancing back on from tonight. It was good, learning a new routine which is fun looking forward to going next week and shakkin da hips :)

Back to work tomorrow, bit pants at the mo on that front. Still gets my hackles up from when I was told that I am too cheerful when answering the phone. Anyway, can't change a leopard's spots I can either answer the phone as I do or be drab and dreary and sound fed up... which one do you think!

Oh, and on the path to become a Guider!! Genny (and me) started yesterday :) another thing to look forward to and getting a bit more active in the local big wide world :)

I won't bore you with anything else, going to take a felicity fibroid painkiller as it is playing up and drift off to noddie land thinking about shimmmmmying.

Happy night y'al


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday... Sunday....

I have souped again, this one came to me this morning and is what came into my head after checking Chicken Soup recipe #10.

Between that, have been out with the three kidlets and picked a miniscule number of blackberries, played pooh sticks and got my butt on the slide! Cupcakes (pink ones) backed and now cooling and they will ice them later, if they don't start eating them!!!

Made a card also the other day, for a birthday but then MIL had bought a card (I'm crap at remembering {some} birthdays!) and so the shop bought went instead, despite this one being ready to go. So, this one will be despatched elsewhere.

And, on the exercise front, two days so far of Shred30. Boy it's a killer and I am only on level 1, feeling it in the arms and tum and the legs when going down stairs! I'm determined to get shot of the excess fat baggage that I have been carrying around, I don't need to keep it so why not get rid of it :)

And, yeah, two kids go back to school tomorrow {happy dance}. Ben goes Tuesday morning, and afternoons and god knows what as he has two weeks of part time messing around. We're still waiting on where Morgie will be going, hope they decide soon that Eton Hall is the best thing for him.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


I really don't understand Slimming World - where I pootle off on a Thursday evening. I thought I had eaten not so good last week but obviously something is going on within. Got shot of another pound of excess blubber - a total of 9.5lbs has gone - with my SOFA challenge I am hoping to get shot of another 6lbs by the end of the month giving me a stone gone come my birthday :) even more with any luck as I am getting into this exercising thing! Not tonight though, I did have a brisk walk at lunchtime, but have an achie left calf muscle and an achie left bicep from yesterday's activities. I'll be back on Friday though, with baked bean tins or similar to give me some weights to hang on to and give a bit more resistance.

A bit fed up at work, boredom really. A new fee earner to work for and she has been pinched by another office to cover sickness (my old fee earner who I loved working for) and me and private client just don't get on!! Although having been told that I am too chirpy when I answer the phone, well that's just pants. Maybe I won't answer it anymore . Having been answering phones for over 20 years and had no problems............ .

Retail therapy in a sense and ordered my phone upgrade. An android phone and keyboard texting, now that will be fun! Wonder how long it is going to take to get here??

Anyhoo, another day at the office tomorrow, maybe I will be dreary tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So, SOFA (September's Operation Fat Arse) challenge begins! Started the day off with a half hour (and a bit) on the wiifit active (waiting impatiently for my shred 30 dvd to arrive) it does annoy me when it is telling me I am 'too slow' despite giving it my all, I was jogging around the living room doing the back leg kicks and thankfully there was no one at the bus stop outside. Despite me talking back to the 'instructor' it was a good workout. I must fiddle with the way that the nunchuck goes into the leg strap as I am sure that it is that bit which is giving me grief (answering back mode). Decided I don't like the stretchy thing so a tin of beans (etc) in each hand works better.

Bellydancing is back next week (yay) so have finally got the jingle belts ordered for me and for my friend that I shimmy with. I have missed my weekly shimmying, we will be learning a new routine which should be fun as I am sooooo uncoordinated!

And would you beleive it, the sun is out and showering the garden with its warm rays. I have been in and cleaned out the chooks, got cuddles with Beau, Belle is still a bit of a chase! I think we may have eggs from the Bluebell girls soon :) happy dance. Apparently this is the worst summer holiday for about 14 years with 25% less sunshine, I can agree with that, it has been a pants summer holiday weather wise for the kidlets. They've had their horseriding lessons in the sunshine today thankfully and now I am going to kick them out into the garden to let off some energy.

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