Thursday, 19 August 2010

Results are in...

I finally got a text with the results of the A levels from Coralie, I know she was not in awe of her philosophy exam and it is being dropped! She did well in her other three - I'm happy with her results and she should be too :) Her boyfriend got what he needed and will be heading off to Bath Uni come September, well done Adam. For Coralie, another year of sixth form and then, need to ask as she appears to have changed her mind!!

The chook shed conversion to a coop is coming along, nesting boxes are attached and a door at the rear of the shed which is the in/out door for the girlies. They have had a roam of the garden and enjoyed rooting through the polly tunnels, actually finding some spuds from last year!!

I have crafting stuff to get ready for Saturday - wooo hoooo - looking forward to meeting up with my buddies for a day of chit-chat, sticking and playing with paper. I may even get something done like last time :)

For now... off to root around for some things to take along.
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