Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Off she goes...

Sophia le Hen has been rehomed, was put in her new home and was promptly 'jumped' on by Mr Cockerel!!! So, the other three can settle down for a couple of days at least as we are getting two Bluebells on Saturday.

Names to be decided but I was thinking one can be Belle! They'll be joining Dorothy, Coralie and Twodees and at this time a shed is being converted into luxury chook accommodation. I hope that the three girls will be ok with them, what with their experience of Sophia the two new big birds are bigger and so will be establishing a pecking order, being bigger they will be the bosses, or is that bosettes.

It's been a great few days with two additional children - sorry teenagers - in the house. We ventured to Norwich on Monday despite the rotton weather at home, Norwich proved to be less windy and drizzle free.

Yesterday we went off to North Walsham for some bowling, I nearly came first, beaten to the post by an 18 year old, just mind you, 8 points behind. Little kids had a runaround the ball park climbing thing and we then came home for some dinner. And afterwards, settled down on the sofas and watched Sherlock (Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law). Ok film, will there be a SH2?

Today, will be taking the big kids back home :( they have results for A levels tomorrow so hoping that the results are what they need, one is hopefully off to Uni and the other has another year to go.

Off to the post office now to get a load of packages containing stamps off to their new owners :)

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