Sunday, 15 August 2010

hokay, back on track.

Well, now hoping to get back on track, get out the scrapbook papers and get scrapping and also some cardmaking thrown in for good measure! I've had a clear out, shoved loads of unwanted (not unloved!) stamps and things onto eBay, cleared out (partially) a cupboard, but doesn't that mean to refill ;)

It's been a while since I mucked about with the scanner and photoshop, must trying and find the stitching software I used to use and hopefully it works on a Mac, otherwise, will have scans with a nice line in it!!

A few hours from now and will have two more bodies in the house, Genny is excited, her room is clean for her big sister. Big sister's boyfriend is also visiting!!! It had to happen at some point so I guess that point is now :)

I've nearly come to the end of the papers to go onto nearly as I found another artbin with some Mambi in. Next I have a heap of embellishments to photograph, trim the photos down to size, count and then get them online.

The chooks have had an extension to their pad, Sophia le Hen has been tormenting Twodees so we are seeing if she can go back to her original home or there is someone else that will have her. I get the thing with the chicken hierarchy and all that but Twodees is looking a bit toooo henpecked for my liking :(

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