Sunday, 29 August 2010

Chicken Soup #9

Chicken souped! Recipe #9. Love the colours, whilst tidying up and shoving stuff on Papertrends found some Basic Grey Skate Shoppe - blue and yellow just the thing! So, here's my offering for this recipe, had Morgan telling me where to stick stuff which was fun, so it's a kind of dual effort :) Not sure if you can see it, but had to put something glittery on the flower.

Then there was sunshine....

The weather was good Saturday morning, well goodish, this summer has been really pants for the kids. The swimming pool has been covered most of it and the rain..... when will it end - probably 6 September when they go back to school!!

So, as the sun decided to shine in the morning, we collected up the kidlets and headed off to Cromer.
The sun was warm, wind was well, windy, jackets required. We blew along the pier, took a look (again) at the Lifeboat and then headed to the beach where the tide was out (a bit) on the other side of the pier, as you can see from the photos, the tide was well and truly in on the other side.

All three got their feet wet, no wet bottoms thankfully. We then trundled to the arcade so they could waste some 2ps - Genny did actually succeed on one of them and got a little purse thingy. Then to the outdoor amusements. Thankfully we had some tickets left over from previous trips and they were still taking them so they got 3 rides. Helterskelter, could do with oiling so they come down faster, then to the teacups and finally on the slide which was more successful speed wise if they laid down rather than sit up! Had to have an ice cream of course (and me, even on a diet can eat them you know!).

We blew back to the car and then thought that we would take the coast road over to Wells, I don't particularly like going there on my days off as feel like I am off to work. As we were going along the coast road, so the dark clouds loomed. Yup, you guessed it, parked up, got down to the quay and then the spots of rain finally decided to fall from above. We just went into Playland and they ran around for I don't know how long, a couple of hours maybe. We watched them, watched the rain, had a cup of tea, watched them exhaust themselves. Took an opportunity to make a departure as the rain finally stopped and off to the car, loaded them in and headed off home, a good few hours as I think it was around 5pm when we got back for some food. Arrived home and as we were driving along through Thursford/Melton, down came the rain (again). Torrential, I got soaked getting out of the car to the front door!!

When it finally stopped, went and checked on the chooks in their very muddy lodgings. Wellies required. Two kids came to join me and between us we got hold of the muddy footed Belle and Beau. So they have been indoctrinated into cuddles with humans! Plus I got some pecking spray on them as the other three, Dot, Coralie and Twodees are pecking. We all got muddy clothes as I said it was very muddy, you know that squidgy sound under your boots, that was it.

So, an eventful day. Fun even though it rained (a lot).

Monday, 23 August 2010

Chicken Soup #8

I had a go at the Chicken Soup recipe #8 today

It's quite a bold image and I just saw in my head rows of brightly coloured lines and so this is what I went with as I had an urge to use some ribbons!

So, here it is, the stickles are still drying! Just a basic card using some Bazzill, ribbons, flowery and swirly stamps. I just used a small star stamp to my sentiment. Oh, and some primas just to finish off as the bottom bit was looking a bit bare.

Today's home activities have been limited by the rainfall, been overcast much of the day and then chucked it down. Bella and Beau are still apart from Dot, Coralie and Twodees, one day I am hoping to go up to the coup and find them mixing in nicely. No eggies yet from the new girls, one can wait.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

I scrapped and scrapped

I had the pleasure of being with some crafty mates on Saturday. Several came to Norfolk from wider parts to join in a day of craftiness, it was just an abundance of gorgeousness falling onto paper and also knitting needles!

Scrapping started at 9am and we finished for 9pm, food inbetween as well as other wonderful delights (the waistline probably had a fright but that can be sorted!).

I did ten layouts in all, just have to sort out the albums a bit to home them :) this is just a small selection.

We also saw the arrival of two Bluebell chickens, now with names "Belle" and "Beau", the other three are giving them some gyp and I hope that they all settle down soon, the 'other three' keep chasing them and giving a peck often resulting in a mouthfull of feathers. But, they have to sort out their pecking order, it's just the scheme of things with chickens. We are just waiting on the first bluebell egg (or two!).

Will be sorting out another get together in March, meanwhile hope the mojo continues.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Results are in...

I finally got a text with the results of the A levels from Coralie, I know she was not in awe of her philosophy exam and it is being dropped! She did well in her other three - I'm happy with her results and she should be too :) Her boyfriend got what he needed and will be heading off to Bath Uni come September, well done Adam. For Coralie, another year of sixth form and then, need to ask as she appears to have changed her mind!!

The chook shed conversion to a coop is coming along, nesting boxes are attached and a door at the rear of the shed which is the in/out door for the girlies. They have had a roam of the garden and enjoyed rooting through the polly tunnels, actually finding some spuds from last year!!

I have crafting stuff to get ready for Saturday - wooo hoooo - looking forward to meeting up with my buddies for a day of chit-chat, sticking and playing with paper. I may even get something done like last time :)

For now... off to root around for some things to take along.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Off she goes...

Sophia le Hen has been rehomed, was put in her new home and was promptly 'jumped' on by Mr Cockerel!!! So, the other three can settle down for a couple of days at least as we are getting two Bluebells on Saturday.

Names to be decided but I was thinking one can be Belle! They'll be joining Dorothy, Coralie and Twodees and at this time a shed is being converted into luxury chook accommodation. I hope that the three girls will be ok with them, what with their experience of Sophia the two new big birds are bigger and so will be establishing a pecking order, being bigger they will be the bosses, or is that bosettes.

It's been a great few days with two additional children - sorry teenagers - in the house. We ventured to Norwich on Monday despite the rotton weather at home, Norwich proved to be less windy and drizzle free.

Yesterday we went off to North Walsham for some bowling, I nearly came first, beaten to the post by an 18 year old, just mind you, 8 points behind. Little kids had a runaround the ball park climbing thing and we then came home for some dinner. And afterwards, settled down on the sofas and watched Sherlock (Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law). Ok film, will there be a SH2?

Today, will be taking the big kids back home :( they have results for A levels tomorrow so hoping that the results are what they need, one is hopefully off to Uni and the other has another year to go.

Off to the post office now to get a load of packages containing stamps off to their new owners :)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

hokay, back on track.

Well, now hoping to get back on track, get out the scrapbook papers and get scrapping and also some cardmaking thrown in for good measure! I've had a clear out, shoved loads of unwanted (not unloved!) stamps and things onto eBay, cleared out (partially) a cupboard, but doesn't that mean to refill ;)

It's been a while since I mucked about with the scanner and photoshop, must trying and find the stitching software I used to use and hopefully it works on a Mac, otherwise, will have scans with a nice line in it!!

A few hours from now and will have two more bodies in the house, Genny is excited, her room is clean for her big sister. Big sister's boyfriend is also visiting!!! It had to happen at some point so I guess that point is now :)

I've nearly come to the end of the papers to go onto nearly as I found another artbin with some Mambi in. Next I have a heap of embellishments to photograph, trim the photos down to size, count and then get them online.

The chooks have had an extension to their pad, Sophia le Hen has been tormenting Twodees so we are seeing if she can go back to her original home or there is someone else that will have her. I get the thing with the chicken hierarchy and all that but Twodees is looking a bit toooo henpecked for my liking :(

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