Sunday, 4 July 2010


I've been seriously lacking in blogging. No excuse, just not a lot going on really. Have got my crochet hook out, made some cards, someone special is now 17 and someone who is 8 has 6 stitches in his leg from taking a tumble. Both of the latter two events happened on Saturday! I've been sorting out a heap of paper and stuff, taking snaps, resizing etc to get them on the www.

We've had fresh lettuce and delish strawberries from lottie, have had to spray the chooks with some pecking spray, poor old TwoDees has been pecked about a bit, mainly by the new girl we think (Sophia le Hen) but I did catch the other two girlies giving her some grief. We are at 2-4 eggs a day, so are never short of an egg for a egg buttie :)

A Lancia something is on the hardstanding at the top of the garden, requiring an engine somethingorother (it makes a knocking sound when it goes). It's a lovely car, will be nicer when it goes property and in 7 years will be a classic!!!

Off to Slimming World on Thursday with a friend, considering pilates (knackered back this appears to be the thing to do), need to get fit!

Finally, I could do with a holiday!

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