Thursday, 8 July 2010


A busy Wednesday. Went into Norwich, Morgan negotiated the new Harry Potter Lego game, the Wren wanted the Broadway dance game thingy, Ben will get to play them both. Anyways, the games came home and were put to one side ready for the munchkins to get in from their respective schools. The Broadway one was looking at me so I gave in and got it unwrapped, heck it is fun but well I can't dance BUT the nearly 5 year old certainly can! I am just going to work on the one dance, the Time Warp!!!! It is certainly one to play with the curtains closed until you are super fantastic and don't mind showing the world you can dance!!! So that was the warm up ready for the evening activity with my friend Allison. Not as expected, harder than you think and certainly parts are aching today, why, we went belly dancing. It was, we had a whale of a time and are back next week.

I haven't made anything with paper for a few days, instead I have had my crochet needle out. Currently making a square, which I am pleased to say is still in a square shape, I think I am getting the knack of tension :)

Also looking forward to my crop, I know it is in August but it is the time when I can sit and stick and chat with my crafting buddies from early til late and meet up again :)

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