Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday.... Sunday

Intermittent rainy day today, not done much, made some cakes, had lunch - homemade meat pie made by MIL which was rather tasty with veg and yorkie puds. Fresh rhubarb crumble, our first from lottie (the allotment) with some custard. So feeling a bit rotund! Raving rabbits on the Wii and my SIL came round for a while so chit-chat and tea. Settled down to watch Going Postal but the kids were chatty so will watch it again when it's quiet!!!

In between all that, no cards today but have been scrapping. Yup I do that too! Just some 8 x 8 to finish up my Canada 2004 album, filling in some blanks that I had left and reminiscing about the fab trip to see family and getting 'homesick', not that I am Canadian but I have some Canadian blood in me from my grandfather!!!! I think it is 7 layouts in all, I've a leaflet somewhere (I think) on Heritage Park but it may have gone walkies (or falling foul of a clear up) so having a quick look then off to trash the last drawer where it may be... but I am not hopeful, so will no doubt be popping back on the internet to search the web for some snippets.
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