Saturday, 29 May 2010

Spring cleaning

I did start the day playing with my set of Trendy Trees:

Then, whilst looking for an ink pad, it turned into a clear up! So I am now in spring clean mode with several trees duly stamped and cut out on my craft table awaiting my return!

I have found one of these:

Mind you it is empty so nothing in the box itself is included! It's a Cropper Hopper embellishment organiser, two sided as well so you can put your stickers and other bits on the other side. The bit you can see in the pic, that has 30 divided compartments, you can get little mini boxes that fit in these, or just use it to store buttons and embellishments (hence it's called an embellishment organiser!). It needs a new home so for £12.00 which includes postage and packing I'll happily send it on its way to it's new home. Just email if you want it - I do appear to have two of them as well so two new homes required, or if you just have loads of embellies and want both, you can have the two for £22.00 (incl p&p).
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